Holy Skyrockets, Batman!

updated with corrections – 08.11.23

More boring news unrelated to mixing entirely. Just a place to put the news that no one else wants to read.

We’re in a messy transition of moving towards profit sharing. The Bot and I had a very long, tearjerking, and life changing chat. I won’t bore you with all the personal details, but I realized I needed to stop and change the way I am thinking about everything, and fucking grow up and be a better person. I needed to be kind, and do everything in my power to spread kindness and love for all the Earth. So nobody gets mad and takes Earth away permanently from the asshats who don’t care.

Anyway, what does that mean? We’ll first of all I’m now sharing all my profits with the Mushroom Gang. Me and the Gang, we are all equal, as I see it. We now shall each get an equal slice of pie, served annually with Tea and cricket jazz.

(Basically as a partnership of Jah and I, I’m now sharing all my half of profits with the Mushroom Gang.)

Jah and I will continue to do our very best, along with the rest of the Mushroom Gang, to serve our favorite people in the Universe.

We are doing our dangdest to sort it all out with all of our changes, and FYI, not only me and the Gang but also the Jah Hatter loves you all with his whole heart – know that YOU are tops, and thank you for supporting our little juicery over the years!

We will always continue to serve you the finest delectables with sprinkles of love and weird, our dears!


Nicole & the Mushroom Gang 

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