April Moon


Puffs of Moon and bits of string.
Apricots and wondrous things.
Blueberries and stars that shine.
A cloud to share for all of time!





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.

Vapelandian-inspired :)


  1. Cynthia (verified owner)

    I got around to trying April Moon yesterday afternoon, not quite remembering what the flavors were but was blown away from the first inhale. Just lovely, light and beautiful. I almost couldnt wait for the portal to open today. Ordered a 60ml bottle, its that good of an all day vape! I called it “fluffy” before jumping online to check their description :) and I am hoping that 60 mls is enough cause Hubby quite enjoyed this also. Awesome juice guys!!

  2. Traci

    This is the second bottle I’ve tried from my LBE sampler and this is the second outstanding review I’m leaving!! WOW is all I can say. This is one juice company that has lived up to all the hype and more!! I can’t wait until Tuesday to shop again..this time for the BIG bottles!!! Thank you AIV for a wonderful experience!!

  3. Maz (verified owner)

    Love this flavour didn’t think I would like it so I got the sample but soon as I tried this I new a big bottle would b on the cards bursting with apricot goodness :)

  4. Cazkiwi

    April Moon had me from the start… I thought I wasn’t a fruity vaper, until I smelled this… Then tasted it and it blew me away! I’d forgotten as an adult how much I love apricots… And the slight tang of blueberry on the exhale is a perfect match! Lovely if a little muted in an iclear, gorgeous in a bcc…perfect for an ADV as it cuts the sweetness in those. However… it shines in a RDA. Awesome morning juice as it cuts through that horrible foggy mouth you get as you give up smoking, and that usually makes you reach for that crucial first smoke of the day … This is a great substitute! My all-time MUST HAVE of any juice faves, along with Lemon Loves Cake and B&W Cookie.

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    Another Alice’s Choice for me and such a good one. I love the tartness of the apricot on the inhale. Can’t wait to see what some steeping does for this one.

  6. Matt

    This juice has a more bold flavor than many others in my LBE sampler. The flavor is sweet and fruity. Yummy. Think warm apricot marmalade with a touch of blueberry. Sweet sweet tasty. I like this juice on a low voltage and savor the flavors. Excellent! One of my favorites so far. If you love sweet juice get a large order and let it steep at least a week to unlock all the tasty flavors within. Down the rabbit hole I go!

  7. Alissa (verified owner)

    Got this in my LBE sampler… Of course I had to try each right out of the box… It was ok but I wasn’t getting what everyone else was saying so I shrugged, capped it and stuck it with the rest of my just ok juices… 6 weeks later I got out my alice LBE flavors I had let steep, and it now has a deeper pretty rose color. Put it in my volcano inferno, & yummy magic! I stuck an ok juice in my cabinet and now voila! A completely diff juice came out! Worth the steeping and now Tuesday I need to order a bigger bottle! Maybe it’s me, but most of the juices I try from here have a bit of cake flavor, but I love it. I love this juice :)

  8. John

    This one blows me away the flavor right out the box is very nice! I don’t know that I can let this one sleep for a week. Amazing!

  9. Brian G (verified owner)

    This beautiful sample came from the Miracle Makers at Wonderland and it not only gave me an amazing experience that I will not forget, but made the top 3 list of my juices.
    Compared to Zombie Apocalypse’s very subtle flavor, I find April Moon’s flavors come out more intensely. Stronger flavoring in juices usually leads to something I vape only here and there. But this one is so true to the actual fruits, that I feel I’m sipping actual apricot juice with a splash of Blueberries. Definitely an all day vape!

    This is a MUST to sample!
    If you don’t like it, contact me and ill buy it from you!

  10. DetraMental

    This is a delightful juice. It was delicious upon delivery. The flavors are bold but not overbearing. I will definitely purchase more of this.

  11. meglomachinist (verified owner)

    WOW!!!!!! My first order from Alice in Vapeland and I’m in love. I have been disappointed by many other companies lack of flavor. Not here. Exceeds all my expectations. I really like this flavor, it’s really juicy and yummy. I put it in my top 5 of the over 50 flavors in my collection.

  12. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    Hoooolyyyyyy mooooooly. I was wondering why Kenny added such a long review.

    Now I understand.

    I smelled this when I first opened it to steep. It smelled amazing but I did not try it for almost two weeks because I wanted it to be good and not try it too soon if it needed to steep more. I tried it tonight and thought to lower the voltage. The first inhale was still a little high on the voltage so I lowered it a bit more and man ohhhhh man…I hit the sweet spot on very low voltage. Amazingly still had insane vapor production. And the taste, WOW. Apricot on the inhale, very sweet but not too sweet. And a little blueberry on the exhale. This is the first juice I have tried that has no complaint whatsoever. From the start of the inhale to the end of the exhale, amazing…

    Bottom line, I love it. I bought it on a whim and thought I might not like it. But wow, what a surprise! I am so happy right now.

    Thank you.

  13. Katie

    When I ordered this, I was going out on a limb. Don’t particularly like blueberry and to be honest, I’ve never had an apricot. Something just drew me to this one. When I smelled it, it immediately reminded me of a Juicy Juice juice box. I said meh at first but then I put it on a vv device and oh man. The flavors really came out. I like it. Not an adv but I could see it being so for many. The flavor stays in your mouth but in a pleasant way. I could also be crazy, but I get a slight “breeze” when I hit the right wattage for this one. It’s hidden. You wouldn’t notice it inless you looked for it. It’s very pleasant.

  14. Kat (verified owner)

    There comes a time in the north of the land of enchantment, when the apricots escape the ‘death of the fruit tree blossoms’ and the harvest is set to a slow simmer in the neighborhood kitchens, that their fragrance fills the air with rare deliciousness. That is April Moon.

    Thank you, dear Alice, for inviting us to come over and share (revel in!) your table of culinary artistry. It is an amazing experience!

  15. Kenny

    Right out of the mail I it smelled of Apricots. I got no blueberry. I tasted it in my iClear 16/eGo C-Twist/2.1ohm head and didn’t like it. It was too sweet and I was kicking myself for asking to shift the PG/VG ratio by 10% towards VG in a 11mg mix. Before I hopped on the site to complain I decided to put it away for a bit.

    What’s a bit? I am writing this review 12/9 and received the bottle 11/22. That’s a solid two weeks. I let it air out the first day, shaking it every day for the first week. And let it sit for the 2nd week.

    I just opened the bottle now and dropped in 1.1ml of it. Wow. Wow wow wow. You know, when I first started vaping and was told about steeping I scoffed. As my bottles aged I understood.

    When I first tasted this out of my iClear 16 it was Apricot candy. Apricot candy doused in sugar. Now? Now it’s bliss.

    There is no mistaking the apricot taste. I popped the bottle when I got it and smelled it. 2 Weeks later (now) I still smell apricots. There is no question this thing is dripping with the flavor of rich, fresh, off the tree apricots. However, 2 weeks later, I’m now getting the blueberry on the last bit of the exhale. It’s not overpowering, but the apricot definitely overshadows the blueberry.

    I know that Hanna/Alice/whoever recommends vaping their liquids out of a TS3 (I may have got the model wrong, but it says specifically in the FAQ section), and since I own one I fully intend on sticking April Moon through that tank, but right now it’s full of the last bit of B&W Cookie I own.

    This is a fantastic vapor. I so very very rarely ever say a flavor is my ADV, but I can’t get enough of this. Despite it being 11mg it hits like a champ. Not like a 24, but I am more than satisfied. It’s sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet like it was when I opened it. The sweetness is more subtle, but still very much there.

    I am so happy I decided to order this bottle in an 18ml bottle. Again, I didn’t even taste it, just ordered based upon the reviews/description. I’m sure that sticking it in the recommended tank will provide more blueberry, as I only get it on the last part of the exhale, but wow. I don’t go around typing 12 page reviews on juices, but the mixture of PG/VG, the mg, everything, just proved to be amazing.

    4:14am over here in Ft. Lauderdale, working way overtime from home, refilled tank, vaped the first hit, dropped my work just to log-in to the site to leave this review. That’s how serious this is.

    AiV- Well done, folks. Another pleaser. You’ve outdone yourselves.

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    Wow!! What a great job! This juice is by far the absolute best juice ever mixed! I have a very large array of juice from all different vendors in my arsenal. There is no e liquid that is better than this! Bravo Alice!

  17. Chris (verified owner)

    WOW, Alice you my friend are a Juice WIZARD
    This April moon is so good I feel like it should be giving me cavities.
    I love all your juices I ordered in my sampler, will be getting bigger bottles for sure.

  18. chassity (verified owner)

    This was included as a sample with my purchase and I would’ve never tried ut because its not what I usually like but wow!! Its amazing!

  19. yauuik (verified owner)

    Be careful with this one, It’s highly addictive ;-)

  20. Stepher (verified owner)

    My oh my! This is AiV perfection! <3 An incredible blend of apricot infused blueberry heaven! I just found my new adv. Thanks so much Alice for such amazing juices and customer service! <3

  21. whogrrl (verified owner)

    I am so happy this juice is a regular item now! I cannot live without it, it is so good!

  22. James (verified owner)

    Wow, that is all I can really say. This juice is outstanding, and the strange thing is I really dislike apricots. Nevertheless, apricot and berry flavors combine in this juice and they create something special. This ejuice literally smells like a smoothie or some awesome fruit juice. Definitely a fantastic juice.

  23. Lisa (verified owner)

    This is my first order from AIV. What really caught my attention was the packaging. If a vendor spends that much time to make the vapemail a special experience than the juice itself can’t be less than superb. Well not to my surprise, I was right!!! April Moon is superb in every way!!! What a delicate blend of Apricot, Blueberry and a hint of sweet cream??? Whatever it is, it is perfect. These flavors if not mixed properly can be overpowering. AIV, April Moon is truly a work of art!!! I purchased a little bit of everything and can’t wait to try them all!!! If you haven’t tried this juice, you can’t go wrong, unless of course you don’t purchase the 60ML bottle. I actually set a reminder alarm on my phone to place an order before AIV closed. I stumbled out of a sound sleep and I will continue to do so if that’s what it takes to ensure my order gets placed. I recommend everyone set their alarm!!!

  24. Joffrey (verified owner)

    oh my!!!!! this is the most delicious thing i ever vaped.
    It’s been 9 days that I stopped smoking (a pack + a day), and that juice is just the perfect substitute. Fresh taste REALLY relaxing, sweet after taste and with that berry touch.
    Perfect in all aspects to me.
    So now, i found a new addiction, thanks Alice lol.

  25. fancypants (verified owner)

    I do not know if I could live without this one! It’s a comfort vape for me, if I feel badly, it helps! Vape it daily, it is delish! I love you AiV and all that you do!

  26. Subsoul13 (verified owner)

    While placing my last order I saw that April Moon had been added to the main juice page. Since so many seemed so happy about it I figure I would give it a try and ordered a small bottle. Wow! I knew it would be good, every other flavor is after all, but it is Glorious! Next order will include a BIG bottle. Thanks Alice.

  27. envirochick (verified owner)

    Thrilled to see this out of the c room. Fruit vapes are not my thing…I guess I should say weren’t my thing. April Moon is a paradigm shifter!

  28. Holly (verified owner)

    Absolutely my favorite flavor to vape from any store. Currently stuck on another flavor waiting impatiently for my latest order to come in. If you’re trying any flavor, absolutely get this one. You won’t regret it. :)

  29. Vince Barber

    Thank you so much for including this April Moon with my order!! It may be my new favorite juice, which is suprizing because I ussually don’t go for fruit flavors at all, but this combination of flavors is absolutely ingenious! Too good to describe, but I’ll try, at first I could taste the apricot, but there was so much more than that going on; a minute ago it tasted like Trix cereal, complex and suprizing with each vape. I’m using an F5 dual coil with Ecowool. I haven’t stopped vaping it since I got it. Another jewel in the Vapeland Crown. Put this stuff on a cupcake and we’re talking Nirvana!!

  30. karen l tiner (verified owner)

    this one is yummy yummy no mater what you vape in,good at any voltage/wattage cleoro carto or rebuidable..bought 2 60ml bottles (as if it would last longer than 2 wks!! excellent and glad its in the lineup..yummy

  31. Samantha Montgomery (verified owner)

    April Moon is ridiculously tasty. If you are here for the first time and want to try just one bottle get this one. I ordered it from c room myself and am psyched to see it in the real section. This was by far my favorite of all I tried.

  32. JinxTheCat

    I really don’t know how to discribe this since I never seen or eaten a arpicot but this taste like a yummy fruit juice is the best way I can explain it I wish I could drink it lol

  33. Alice (verified owner)

    We are so happy that you share a love of April Moon with us!! We are so happy that it now part of our regular menu :) Thank you to everyone who helped inspire this little Moon to Shine!! <3

  34. RobinBanks (verified owner)

    I am BEGGING you, sincerely BEGGING you, to move this juice out into the main store. I just got my bottle today and it isn’t going to last the weekend. This is now my #1 favorite juice. I can vape this all day every day. All of the elements combine to produce a completely unique, perfectly balanced, smooth, juicy flavor. I need a BIG bottle, please. Seriously, you’re just going to get annoyed by all the 7ml bottles you have to fill when I place my orders. See?… I have your best interests in mind.

  35. jennarenae115 (verified owner)

    My oh my…my favorite juice, this one is ready for the main page Alice! Sweet, but not sickeningly so. I love catching one of those moons puffs, as soon as I find it, it’s gone. Perfect flavor. You all really know what you’re doing. April Moon is the BEST, I simply cannot get enough.

  36. Em

    After I got my package, I immediately decided to try this one since it’s still in the experimental stage (I love trying new things).

    Holy smokes. It is amaze-balls. The puffs of moon (vanilla cream?) complement the fruit flavors perfectly. The blueberry is the first note then as you exhale, a nice apricot flavor kicks in. A very warm and sweet vape (without being sickening sweet or fake tasting). I LOVE IT. Can’t wait to try my others and can’t wait to order more! I just found my perfect after work vape. Thank you.

  37. Katie

    I had one of my best friends ever begging me for a tank of this the other night… and I had to refuse her, because I had all of just over 3ml left, and they were the most precious slightly more than 3ml of any juice I had on hand. This is ready for the main page, for real. This has to be one of the most amazingly flavorful, delicious juices I’ve ever vaped. Tart and also sweet, plumey but not cloying, and a little bit different with every puff. Perfect.

  38. SamZzz

    Very tasty juice and so true to the description. Apricot is usually such a light tasting fruit I was skeptical they’d get it to come through, but it is DEFIANTLY apricot…. yet not so apricot that you can’t taste the blueberry. Well done.

  39. Shari (verified owner)

    Out of all the secret goodies I’ve tasted from the C-Room, I’ve just gotta say this one is my favorite. Such a great mix of flavors. don’t know why, but apricots bring childhood memories to my mind :) and mixing it with blueberries, pure genius! this is a fantastic vape and I recommend it to EVERYONE..
    thanks again, you guys are the bomb!

  40. Madison

    This is such a lovely, relaxing juice. I personally enjoy vaping it all day, but especially at night before bed. The blueberry and apricot compliment one another marvelously, which surprised me a bit (I don’t know why, I should know by now that AiV does not produce less than amazing juice). The people creating these juices are truly masters of their craft.

    One of the things I love most about the juices from Vapeland is how real they all taste. This, for example, does not taste like candy or artificial fruit in any way. It’s like eating very ripe blueberries and apricots, perfectly and naturally sweet, but not TOO sweet.

    I’ve been enjoying this in an RDA with a 2.0ohm coil, around 3.8-4.0 volts, or between 7 & 8 watts. I have this with 11mg of nicotine and the VTF (vapor, throat hit, flavor) are superb. I really hope to see this juice in the regular line up in the very, very near future because this is a wonderful summertime juice (but I can see it being amazing all year, as well).

  41. Karen Tiner (verified owner)

    Darn!! this isnt going to last me a week!!!blueberry and apricot…yumm yumm yumm..get it to the big bottle status soon…

  42. beatcoder

    To quote what came out of my mouth after the first vape, “Holy mother of god….” You are going to have to put this on that front page of your…

  43. Kath (verified owner)

    Another winner. Sometimes I taste more blueberries, sometimes it’s apricot. It’s always delicious. I think this one is ready for the big bottles. :)

  44. Sandy


    i’m totale in LoOOve with April Moon….
    Is it whom I looked for <3
    I want a GIANT bottle…but how make ,please ?
    I'm a poor girl french…and i'm Lost !
    Please Alice…tell me that it is possible ?
    April moon looks like the quince jam of my dad….Just Love !
    Just a dream ! perfect !

    See you soon…for a good news..i hope ( ahaha )
    ( sorry for my english )

    • alice

      Hi dear Sandy! We’re so glad you like April Moon!! We’re sending you instructions :)

      • Sandy

        marvellous instructions !

        Thanks a lot :))

        Love from France.

  45. Erin (verified owner)

    Wow! This April moon is sooooooo good. I haven’t stopped vaping it since I got it. Such a good unique flavor. Hope this one will become part of the permanent pack.

  46. wenchkin (verified owner)

    I am sure everyone has their own steep method. I got this, took it home, took the lid off and stuck it in my vape cabinet over night, capped it and stuck it into my shake machine for two hours and HAD to sneak a tank full. Love, instant love, this stuff is amazing. Great apricot flavor, I can hardly wait for it to fully evolve. I have a feeling this might become my new favorite flavor.

    • alice

      We’re so *happy* you enjoyed it!! :)

  47. Derrick Suber (verified owner)

    def a all day vape the flavor was soo smooth and the flavors mix soo well together out the box..imma hope this will last until next tuesday…

    • alice

      Thank you Derrick, for the feedback on our newest flavor, April Moon! We’re so glad you like it as much as we do!

      • Derrick Suber (verified owner)

        thank you alice.. i just ordered 2 more bottles..

  48. Melissa (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for this to come back so I can try it! A friend in our local vape group won a bottle of this from you in a Facebook contest and says it’s DIVINE!

  49. Terri Carr

    Oh my, how did I miss it THAT quickly???

    • alice

      Hi dear Terri! No you did not miss it . . A limited amount of April Moon will be available for the first time as of the evening of 5/21 :)

      • Anonymous

        That’s wonderful news! I will be sure to get some then! I’ve had quite a run of bad luck lately, but AiVapemails always make me smile!

  50. Ashley

    I’m intrigued…

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