Lavender Extract


Sweet and aromatic, early summer lavender.

A delightful, all natural extract for our most discriminating DIY vaping mixologists! Let your imagination run wild with the vapetacularly tasty possibilities!

Not sure where to start? Here are some flavors we think go great with this one: Teas, Cheesecake, Other Florals

Got a snazzy idea or the perfect recipe? Leave a comment below and share your creations!

***Note: These are flavor extracts meant to be used in your favorite Juice recipe. Please do not vape them straight.***

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An all natural flavor extract for DIY vapers, curated by Alice in Vapeland’s flavor experts. Comes in a 30ml bottle with CRC glass dripper.

For best results, we recommend using the following percentage when mixing with carrier: 0.5-5%

***Note: These are flavor extracts meant to be used in your favorite Juice recipe. Please do not vape them straight.***


  1. Lydia (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I neglected to leave a review for this!
    This lavender flavor is simply amazing. Imagine lavender jam on toast but with no toast. It has the perfect amount of floral scent and flavor (not at all soapy or overpowering) , balanced with a bit of tart sweetness. It is heavenly. A terrific vape for when my nerves are frayed or I can’t sleep. I just adore it.

  2. SamiFrmMiami

    This pure lavender, by far exceeded my expectations! It smells heavenly, and tastes even better. I have already used about a third of a bottle, just in the last week. It mixes so seamlessly into creams, custards, cannoli, berries, and cotton candy, (just to name a few of the combinations I’ve tried thus far). It even brought juices, that I disregarded as unvapaple, back to life! If you are fan of lavender, just go a ahead and add it to your cart now. You will not be disappointed ;)

  3. toadgoddess

    lavender. what can I say? I’ve had a love affair for years. we go way back. the smell. the taste. divine. a lovely little combo is lavender with vanilla (its also nice to add a little lemon extract for an extra little kick, but since you don’t have that in your offerings, it might be worth trying a bit of orange extract instead). These are two simply perfect flavors on their own, but when mixed together, become magically perfect. yummo.

  4. Star Eirena

    I’m new to vaping and have taken it up as a hobby to combat some pretty bad anxiety realated issues. When I’m able to, I eagerly look forward to giving 11th Rose a try. Rose petals and razberry sound divine. Ive not even started yet, but I’v fallen in love with AiV! I keep comming back to browse the site to sorta keep my mind occupied, and was pleased to have found this nice little corner! Lavender is one of my favourite things to cook with. If I could, I would mix lavender, ginger, tea, some sort of citrus (other than lime), and… maybe… marshmallow or vanilla or both if you went with one of the oranges… or! If you went with grape fruit round it off with maybe butter cake or sweet cake or swap the cakes out for coco and caramalized sugar! Any ways if someone sees this and can try these suggestions. Let me know im eager to know how they turned out.

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