Caterpillar’s Apothecary

The Caterpillar was the first to speak. `What size do you want to be?’ it asked.
`Oh, I’m not particular as to size,’ Alice hastily replied `only one doesn’t like changing so often, you know.’
`I DON’T know,’ said the Caterpillar.

~A Secret Place to See & Try Things in the Works*~

*Oftentimes idealets and Vapedreams of fellow Vapelandians
. . . and shoots and sparrows
. . . . and Mushroom Lab happenings

Extra Flavor is NOT available for these special flavors in the works. **not included in any sales that may be running**


122 thoughts on “Caterpillar’s Apothecary”

  1. Hiya! Its been awhile! I was hoping maybe yall would consider making a Thai Iced Tea flavor? If anyone could nail this flavor it would be you. Bright and spicy thai spiced tea with a heavy dose of cream and sugar? No “frost” though! Pleaaaasssse?

    1. What a lovely idea! Thank you for suggesting :) If the tea leaves are in our favor you may find it soon in our C room . .

  2. Longtime lover of Alice and her wonderful delights. So while i was visiting Asheville, the hippy capital of NC, i stopped in a gas station and found a lavender earl grey tea, n then thought to myself, simce you love Lavender Ever After, then why not! So soothing and calming but with the jolt of caffeine that has you flying over the lavender feilds of England. So since tje Mad Hatter took up on my idea of a good vanilla, like a snow cream, then why not ask n see on a Lavender earl grey? Always loved the vapemail n the personal touches, n I’ve even started on my 2nd charm bracelet. I brag to all of my vaping friends to check out your curious Wonderland cause y’all bring to the world flavors none others dare to try n even up for new ideas for flavors. A vape company thats second to none!

  3. When I was in Japan, melon soda was one of my favourite treats. I’m not a big fan of super sweet or fruity vapes, but AiV always manages to make fruit vapes I love. I feel like if anyone could capture the refreshing taste of honeydew, ginger and cream it would be you guys.
    Keep up the amazing work. Love you guys

  4. Since you do so many unusual flavors, I was wondering if you have ever thought about making a blackcurrant flavored juice? Blackcurrant is such a wonderful flavor and I know it would make a wonderful vape.

    1. Thanks for the idea, Erin! We do enjoy this flavor as a hint, but I’m not at liberty to tell all ;) However, I agree, it is deserving of a leading role!

    2. Smart! I’ve been craving a black currant juice ever since 5 pawns stopped making perpetual check…it would be awesome if aiv would make it i feel like they could get it right

  5. I love your afternoon tea flavor. I was wondering if you could try a ginger and black tea flavor. Spicy and warm, perfect for a winter day, or a spring day, or well… any day!

  6. Could the Mad Hatter kindly investigate a Turkish Delight flavor? Creamy and sweet and light and fruity, with just a hint of powdered sugar on the pillowy outside. I almost get it in Lavender Ever After, and everything you all do is so amazing. Keep it up!

    1. That sounds so delightful!! We will indeed investigate this deliciousness!!! We’ll let you know if it comes out well! <3

  7. Could you guys try to do a creamy lightly spiced egg nog vape for the holidays (or even all the time hehe)?

    I absolutely love egg nog and stock up on it during the holidays since cruel people like to starve you of it the rest of the year. lol You have the best creamy cheesecake vape I’ve ever found. I’ve even managed to corrupt people who say they hate cheesecake vapes and that there isn’t a good one out there with your version of a cheesecake vape. They are always pleasantly surprised by it. If your guy’s cheesecake of creamy berry goodness can do that, I can only imagine how out of this world an egg nog vape by you guys would be!

    You guys are the best! Stay unique and amazing!! ^-^

  8. I wonder if the Hatter has some time for me?
    A little request, more of a craving, that only he can fill- you see.

    My favorite cereal is missing from my Doge drip bowl,
    I have my spoon dropper ready for a big bottle full.

    Cinnamon and toasty… with a little bit of crunch,
    A little smidge of milk, who am I kidding?! A bunch!

    I do hope he is Mad enough for this small task,
    a bit of milky CTC goodness is all that I ask.

    I love all of you most immensely,
    Bun, Krystal… formicality!

    1. Aw Bunnie, this sounds so scrumptious,
      The Mad Hatter may craft such bunches of crunches!

      I will pass it along with the words of your swell rhyming song!

  9. Oh my all these delectable flavors. Could you please please add a strawberry chocolate? Alice is the only juice I buy and strawberry chocolate is my favorite flavor and I just can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Hmm…strawberry chocolate, you say? This sounds wonderful! We will pass this along to Mad Hatter with haste…you never know what he’ll come up with next ;) Much love to you June!

  10. I am absolutely loving this! It seems Alice has alot of Rabbit holes to fall down in on here… It;s magical, clicking one thing and finding yourself in another….. Keep these secret doors ;)

  11. Just got the oddity pack and a little bit of everything pack got a 30 ml of white rabbit at the shop didnt see this page till now might have to try these 4 next time maybe ill be gifted one of these thatd be awesome too

  12. Please oh Please can you make a strawberry white chocolate. I have searched everywhere for one. Alice in Vapeland is my only “Go To Place” for excellent vapes. I have been hoping you guys would concoct this delectable flavor. Here’s hoping!

  13. Golden Afternoon is such a unique flavor. I had considered ordering it a few times and then talked myself out of it because after trying more than a few almond vapes, I really didn’t think I would find one that was done right. Well, this is it! Wonderful, delicious almond cookie flavor that has definitely earned a spot in my rotation. You gotta try this one!

  14. Holy toadstools, golden afternoon is the juice flavor I have been looking for forever. I will definitely be ordering a larger bottle when the portal reopens! Wow! Wow wow wow. Add this o the regular flavors because…..just wow.

  15. Whoa, whoa, whoa, like whoa. Golden Afternoon is just………. How can I put this? My suggestion is that you take all the supplies that you make this flavor with, dump them into a 50 gallon drum, and then just ship it to me for proper disposal. And by “proper disposal”, I mean “strait into one of my tanks forever and ever”. Seriously, pick a charm for this one and put it in the rotation!! <3

  16. Alice pIease make “raspberry apocalypse” or like a raspberry cream saver type flavor! Thank you for being so wonderful!

  17. I tried Bombana & Call Me Vanilla on my last order, & I’m loving them! Is it possible to buy these in regular size bottles as well?

    1. Hello Lionel! Thank you for the sweet words! You can order any C Room flavor in a larger bottle by ordering another flavor & writing “make into Call Me Vanilla” in the special comments section at checkout! Easy as pie. . .

  18. Oh how it kills me that I did not find this treasure trove of juices last night while placing my order! Only by chance did I find the red door and I suppose I will have to wait till next week to try out a few of these delicious sounding flavors! Lavender Ever After will be my first try. I can’t wait!

  19. I tried to order the Lavender Ever After, but there was no link on the webpage to order it. I hope it isn’t a discontinued flavor. It sounds very yummy and I’d like to try. I’m never disappointed in your floral flavors. I <3 your juice!!

    Also, the next time the Cheshire Cat is seen grinning above Yucca Flats, there will be a rabbit in a hat playing a lullaby, waiting just for him. 8)

    1. Lavender Ever After continues Ever After . . . even if it does not appear because of flying internet monkeys. BUT we can always make anything into a Lavender for you! :)

    1. I love that idea as well, as I have yet to fall madly in love with a Carroll-inspired named juice and have vowed to try each one without question until I do!

  20. Literally BEGGING for a Candy Cane vape! A little vanilla to soften the punch- Twisted Peppermint from B&BW anyone? Would be perfect for this time of year. I have thought of trying to place an order with other Juice Vendors that are offering a Candy Cane vape, but I can’t bring myself to chance it. No one does juices like Alice!

    1. I have put my finger on the EXACT scent that I was looking for- Better Homes and Gardens “Frosty Peppermint Snow”. (I have the scented wax cubes for electric tart warmers.) There is just the right amount of Vanilla to tame the Candy Cane. I pulled them out to use today and it hit me like a ton of bricks- this is the Vape I have been craving.

    2. Dunno if it’s okay to mention a competitor here, but Mt Baker does a very good candy cane juice that totally nails the flavour. I’m a big fan of Alice for their non-mainstream flavours, so I’m fine with them not putting resources into ‘easy’ flavours that other juice makers do well.

  21. I would love to see a cucumber and pear vape! With a little sweetness and maybe some frost? That sounds just wonderful! :)

  22. i would like something with cucumber, lime, mint and a little touch of sugar. like a refreshing juice !! :)

    I’m sad for the footprints in the jello . It was so delicious !!

  23. speaking of memories….it would be soooo wonderful to have a fig honey vape. My grandmother used to make fig honey when the fig tree over produced with the ripest of figs simmered slightly then steeped and drained in a pillowcase over a bowl squeezing out all the wonderful flavor…it was so good to open a jar and pour it over ice cream or french toast (or like I would do just sneak it by the spoonful). I have no idea why they called it Fig honey because it had no honey in it but the memory is delightful. Only Alice could duplicate that sinful pleasure

  24. I saw someone recomend a grapefruit vape. Your citrus conceptions have me running out for Pyrex tanks and about to order. The idea of a grapefruit vape like mystic or frost blossom has my mouth literly watering. Oh please please please!!

  25. I would love to see a flavor like this……
    “The Walrus and the Carpenter were walking hand in hand
    They wept like anything to see such quantities of sand…” Until they came across a cool, creamy lemon, breezy vape! A creamy, lemon ice cream vape with a touch of cool sea breeze for those warm days down by the shore.

  26. Hello hello again, my darlins

    I was just thinking……. a Lemony mint would be loverly. Kind of like Mint Julep tea. Sounds pretty darned good to me. giggle

    And of course, I am still dreaming of my lemony, spiced orange tea.

    I love the new site!

    I love you!

    that is all


  27. I would love a bright, pure watermelon with the smallest amount of menthol for a fresh cooling summertime beach vape. Oh I wish, I wish, I wish…

  28. Was just imagining some yummy flavor ideas:

    I’m still holding out for a peanut butter and crunkberry vape.

    I was thinking something like an apricot/cream cheese danish type pastry would be heavenly.

    Considering how delicious Twas Brillig is (it’s tied for my fave flavor with punkin tumble and crunkberry). What about an apple pie/crisp/struedelly type vape? I think that could be quite delicious as well.

    Just some of the ideas running through my head. :D

  29. I would enjoy a nice tiramisu flavor, It would be a complicated one to be sure but a nice after dinner flavor. I also really enjoy the forgotten memories and while it brings spring to mind, I would like to continue the trend and have a line of seasonal flavors, watermelon summer, you already have pumpkin tumble for fall and for winter… a nice yule log with cake and chocolate buttercream

    1. I’ve heard echos coming up from the rabbit hole that there may be a peanut butter banana flavor…. hmmmmmmmmm must have this ASAP

  30. “Hooray hooray! Ta-loo Talay!” I was fortunate enough to win an AIV Gift pack a prize. Contained within it was an intriguing, new, and currently not listed flavor -“15FootFalls”. I had to open it immediately and was greeted by a most pleasing aroma of Vanilla. I dripped some in my Vision Eternity, in drip mode, and sampled it (about 3/4 of a ml) using my SSGGTS. ! Not since White Rabbit have I been instantly won over by an e-liquid from AIV. For my tastes: Light, heavenly delicious, Vanilla Custard Cake. I predict another smash hit from Jah and Nicole, and Alice in Vapeland. I look forward to seeing this delightful elixir posted here in the C room and predict its stay here will be one of the shortest. Thank you Alice in Vapeland! This definitely deserves a CAW of AWE! CAW OF AWE!

      1. sadluckdame, you did AMAZING with 15footfalls!!! I’m asking Alice to make me a 60mg bottle of it this order because it is absolutely perfect!

      1. i absolutely love this one! I would love a little less tobacco after taste but all and all this one has won my heart over! The taste of vanilla coconut and a hit of chocolate 1st one i tried when i received my order!

      1. Candied Cavendish happens to be one of my favorite NET’s but the Banana in it would overpower the Cherry Blossom. I think the plain cavendish tobacco would be a beautiful carrier for the cherry blossom . The cherry blossom would have to me no more than a whisper though. I am sure you create something wonderful and you might even decide to add a sprinkle of some other flavor to it to turn it into a true AiV masterpiece!

  31. I’ve been wandering around Vapeland waiting for the door to open and I fell through this wonderful red door. I now anxiously wait to try some of these enticing flavors. The mention of absinthe reminded me of my younger days which always brings back memories of homemade mead, full of sweet honey and an almost brandy like bite as you turned away. I would so love to be able to recapture that flavor and memory through a gentle vape.

  32. I’m so looking forward to receiving a package of delectable, wonderous goodness from Alice! I’ve heard so many great stories of your flavors. Thank You. Thank You!

    An incandescent lightbulb appears above my head: I’m thinking of a black cherry base flavor with licorice, and maybe a hint of clove and/or cola. And a whisper of menthol. Odd, but mmmmm.

    Thank You, and a most wonderful Spring!


  33. Berry lil cheesecake is amazing, but could be creamier (if that is an acheivable flavor profile) and cheshire catnip reminds me almost of tarragon.

      1. I use to love hookah, and while most people go stright for the apple I always dove right into the florals. Vaping reminds me so much of hookah at times, that I have been looking for a floral tea type vape all over the place since day 1.

  34. ok, I agree with Joker in that Call Me Vanilla, needs more vanilla. Maybe it’s my buds, but I can’t taste it.

  35. haha someone on ECF had to show me the door so glad I finally found it!

    Gotta try the absinthe and pumpkin *drool*!

  36. “Berry Lil’ Cheesecake”, “Forgotten Memories” and “Foursquare” are ready to leave the C.Room!

    “Footprints” needs less menthol and more PB
    “Call me Vanilla” needs much more Vanilla

    Love your juices! Leon introduced me to them and we are actually here now vaping them!
    I will have to place my own order soon as he is getting cranky with me for stealing all his juices!

    1. Can’t agree with you more on “Footprints,” although if you let it sit nearly forever, some of the menthol goes away. It’s still a bit too mentholly, but you can taste the rest of it at that point.

  37. OMG…you gotta add the “Call me Vanilla” and “Forgotten Memories” to your line-up….simply OUTSTANDING !

  38. I would love to see an AiV absinthe juice. It would of course have to be called “Mad Hatter,” anything else would just not have that AiV vibe.

  39. i got the berry lil cheesecake cant wait to try this one…Can you order a crap load of these like 4 if its good? haha

  40. I would LOVE to try a Nutella inspired flavor! (did you know Nutella is the stuff inside Ferrero Rochet chocolates?) mmmm melt in your mouth :) Chocolatey with a heavy hazelnut base perhaps? yummo, bet you guys could knock it out of the park! =D

  41. The Berry Lil Cheesecake is magical! A spell worthy of Merlin…cannot describe, can only try. Best cheesecake I have ever had (and I’ve ordered a few). It’s not overpowering, but very flavorful…a great, delicate mix. Can I conjure a life time supply? Just askin’.?

  42. Hi Jah and Nicole!

    I am eagerly awaiting my order of adjusted Pear Ship. I was so pleased to also order a large bottle of White Rabbit and am looking forward to receiving it as well.

    Thank you for your caring, exacting, eye for detail. I’m hopeful that the tweaked version of Pear Ship will be even better than the first.

    Well done and carry on. ~CAW~

    1. I must say that I like the “Byrd’s Adjustments” to Pear Ship much better —thank you so much. I tried it on arrival and wondered if my request for reduced sweetness was wise. So I steeped it for one week unopened. I really like what it did for it. The tobacco is very mild but more pronounced. The reduced Pear flavor lends itself well. The sweetness was enhanced by steeping! The end result, for my tastes, was so smooth, lightly sweet, and flavored with just enough pear to be good. The flavors blended extremely well and I am very pleased.

    I would so much love to have a strawberry saltwater taffy. If anybody in the world could do it, Nicole, you and Jah could do it and we could call it…
    LAFFY TAFFY! imagine the fun you could have Jah, making art for that one. heheheheeeee

  44. Suggestions, ideas, thoughts. Perhaps something woodsy but sweet; cognac, brandy, aged oak barrels with hints of flavor and plumes of vapor.
    Something intoxicating & habit forming, mmmmmm. Creamy vanilla bourbon, oooohh.

  45. Suggestion:


    “The Catarpillars Secret Stash”

    A Tabacco Creation To Rival All Others

  46. Holy WOW! Okay…i do have one tiny little question… How can you possibly improve on perfection? Zombie Apocolypse is there! It’s absolutely amazing and I think I’m in love! Please please please let this flavor come out and play…I REALLY want to order a large bottle asap! I seriously can’t see how this could possibly get any better!

  47. The Zombi Apocalypse is the best vaping juice ever….well, except for White Rabbit…….of course. It is the lightest, most delicate strawberry cupcake! It is wonderful………and it is finished!

    PLEASE don’t change it! I lubs it!!!

  48. Memories! or….Childhood Memories!….or AIV Nostalgia! LOL something cool like that. AIV’s new line of e-liquids that consist entirely of our customer’s memories. Nostalgic and tasty! Wait until you see what you remember next!

    the beforehand is an idea that was prompted by Rev’s order for the juice he got at his grandmother’s house and called it….ordering a memory. This is a very cool idea!

    1. I’ve taken the journey into DIY and have one recipe that I can mix again and again successfully; it’s Black Honey tobacco. It makes me wonder what a Black Honey Lemon Tobacco (with the emphasis on Tobacco) would taste like.

      1. Yes, I would LOVE to see some creative tobacco-based flavors here in Vapeland, especially sweet ones, like Honey tobaccos, Black Cavendish, and sweet vanilla.

        My favorite hookah shisha is Jasmine. If the folks in Vapeland could concoct an e-liquid that was a light tobacco with a lot of jasmine and a hint of honey, vanilla and cinnamon, I think I would be in heaven…

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