A Bouquet of Delights


” . . So many flowers and fruits and, my . . what are You?”

A Selection of Florals, Fruits and Unusual Pleasures!
Includes a 3ml bottle of each of these 11 delightful flavors!
Please enjoy these little tasters at 3mg, Alice-style!

~11th Rose – A musical medley of raspberry, rose and lychee…
~April Moon – a smooth evening vape with blueberries, apricots, and puffs of moon…
~Cherry Blossom Tea – clouds of fresh off-the-tree cherry in cherry blossom green tea . .
~Ginger by the Sea – a mist of spice…to awaken your senses!
~Gloe – aloe and grape in perfect unison.
~James – a peach treat with a touch of cream.
~Lavender Ever After – a deliciously creamy castle of Lavender gelato :)
~Lavishuckle Lemonade – with honey, lavender and lemons you’ll play!
~Mangoade – an irresistible blend of pink lemonade and mango.
~Roseberry Lemonade – a touch of roses, sweet lemons, and strawberries red!
~Sultana – exotic fruits and wine, and delights of pear and honeycomb . .





Please enjoy our Bouquet of Delights sampler at 3mg at our recommended flavor level and PG/VG ratio.


  1. Mariah C Breiner

    Wow! I am so happy with this purchase. I was feeling uneasy because of the price but I figured it was a pretty good deal. Now I’m thinking this was a steal! I have only tried two juices so far and I LOVE them. Just the way you personalized the box was quality product. The shipping was so fast, which was important because I was running out of my previous juice due to buying these juices. I am not regretting it though, so far I have tried the lavender (on a brand new coil) it has such a nice flavor not too floral either. It reminds me of lavender ice cream I only got to have it once but I loved it. I wouldn’t recommend it to new vapors if they don’t have the palate for this unique flavor. The Sultana I would however, it such a friendly and openly sweet flavor but not too sweet and it keeps calling to you! Waiting to try the other flavors is honestly going to be a challenge. Thank you so much I will be certainly be buying from you guys again!

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