Berry lil’ Cheesecake


This flavor will be vanishing soon to make room for new yummy flavors! 

A bit o’ berry . . . a bit o’ spice
A lovely cheescake . . . the perfect slice!




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


  1. CODY

    When I first tried this out of the mail it tasted like rubber gloves! In the juices defense, I had a burnt coil. On a clean one it was overpoweringly fennel. Two weeks later, TA-DA! Delicious graham cracker and strong cheesecake. No more fennel taste- I would def steep. Not getting a ton of berry but either way it is tasty!

  2. Kitten

    I think I may like this juice if I steep it longer, but as of now I find it to light. I normally hate sweet vapes but I found this one pleasant but actually to week for me so I shall stick it on a shelf for a few weeks and see if the berry and cheesecake don’t get stronger.

  3. Kasey (verified owner)

    One of my favorite vapes ever. I love the initial throat hit after not vaping for a while or eating. Yes when you first get it out of the vapemail it has a slight aromatic flavor of fennel or maybe even a rum type flavor and I dislike those flavors but I swear it does not bother me at all and after a few days it magically tastes like a gram cracker crust with spice and a hint of coconut milk. Just berry creamy and magical. Steeping is such a great idea. Great out of the vape mail and better with time.

  4. Rin13

    Bleh! Mind you, I have yet to like ANY cheesecake flavor that I’ve tried in vape form so maybe I just can’t vape the flavor regardless of the source. I get cheesecake and spices. I hate fennel so maybe that adds to the blehness. I personally got no berries. Tried dripping and in a tank… No, no, no.

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hi there <3 Berry lil' Cheesecake does very well with a little steeping. Try letting it nap a little while in a cool dark place. I think you will be surprised with how this delectable little treat transforms.

  5. Kathy

    I requested a sample of this juice because I love cheesecake!!! This is a really good juice! I think it would be even better with a more cheesecake then berry, but it’s still a wonderful flavor! Maybe switch the berry for cherry mmmm! I’m making myself hungry lol!!! I like a ton of alice in vapeland flavors! This company does things right and in my opinion is #1 above all the rest!!! Please don’t ever stop doing what you you do best!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Thank you Kathy!!! <3 Big hugs!

  6. Abby (verified owner)

    Ok soooo… love the berry, and cheesecake… and I do believe that the spice is fennel!! Not as strong as licorice, but that flavor for sure! I Love this juice!!

  7. Ladiekali

    I’m starting to think i got something different. Im vaping in a 2ohm cartotank, 1 week steep, and all i taste is strawberry. I mean, its good, its full of flavor. I will order it again. Hoping to see some changes with spice and cheesecake flavor over the next couple of weeks.

  8. Crystal (verified owner)

    I was kind of disappointed with this one… I received mine last week, so maybe so me steeping is needed. The first time, I immediately tasted the cheesecake with a slight hint of berry. I got a nice hit of the cheesecake too… not the light flavor like other reviews mentioned. The next day I tasted cheesecake again and another flavor I couldn’t put my finger on. As I continued to vape I started tasting licorice. Not a fan of licorice at all! I thought it was just me so I made my other half try it and she had the same experience. At first cheesecake but then only licorice. I am going to let it steep a while and try it again. Maybe it will get better for me.

  9. cwestphalrun31 (verified owner)

    Just got my 30 ml bottle today and I was too excited to let it steep as with most your flavors. I loaded my nautilus tank up with this one with very high expectations and it didn’t fail. I’m guessing cause it isn’t steeped in getting alot of cheesecake and spices but not very much rasberry. Its really good and I can’t wait to see what a month of steeping will do. Will be back I a month to let you know how it goes.

  10. Melissa

    I don’t understand the confusion everyone is sayin there is t enough cheesecake but it’s called berry lil cheesecake. Seems plain to me but hey my view is often askew

  11. june (verified owner)

    I must say this is one of my favorites. Got my second order of it today and I am thrilled! It’s great right out of the bottle, but even better when it has had time to steep. Please oh please make this a regular. I love the flavor, but like everyone else I agree it does need a little more cheesecake flavor. If you don’t change it I will still continue to buy it. Can not wait for my vape mail each time I order it.

  12. margo (verified owner)

    Received this as a sample, didn’t think I’d love it but I do. I taste berries and also the sweet and tart of the creamy cheesecake. It’s lovely. Thank you Vapeland.

  13. Stepher (verified owner)

    Going to have to put this one back for a little while as i really want to love it. My first impression was licorice…blek! I can’t taste the raspberry, cheesecake, or spice even. :/ Will let it steep and try again another day…

  14. themonocle (verified owner)

    AHHH! Alice. I put this bottle away for safe keeping and pulled it out a week ago only to fall in love. And I can’t reorder it. Go figure. Please return it soon.

  15. Purplgirl

    My first time ordering and I really wanted to try this one, I hope it’s available next time, coz I’m cheesecake crazy. ;)

    • Alice

      Hi Purplgirl! We hope to make it available soon :)

  16. Oldevileye

    Well first off It needs to be said that I have been looking for a solid cheesecake vape for a long long time. Timeless vapes tastes like feet, Dekang is more cotten candy then anything else, and Jucy vapor is….. not good.
    That said, this is a legit cheesecake vape and for that I am grateful. Now however comes the more negative part of my comment. While I get every flavor that’s in the profile: Raspberry, spices, cheesecake… I think the cheesecake could be turned up a bit more and the spices made more of a undernote. I am currently dripping this at a very low voltage (3.2) and all the flavors are coming through wonderfully, but still I think the cheesecake needs to be amped up a bit more and the spice toned down slightly before this is ready.
    Note: I’m still gonna vape it all though, it is tasty as all hell, just not perfect.

  17. themonocle

    My first impression on this one was indecisive. I was looking forward to an AIV cheesecake liquid, but this one was more berry than cheesecake. Which left me a bit disappointed. However, I am fond of berry flavors so I attempted to suspend judgment and evaluate without expectations. Here is my personal opinion, this is a spiced berry vape with a slight hint of cheesecake. I would make sure that in my description of the taste that I emphasized, “hint of cheesecake,” if I continued to go the route of berry on the devlopment.

    Personally, I think this one could be flipped on it’s head. If it were more cheesecake than berry, then it would be a better liquid. AIV has the flavor spot on. If anyone can do a cheesecake right out in the open, it is AIV. The spice along with the berry is more reminicent of a warm cider. It’s not bad, as a fruit vape, but it’s not what I wanted for a cheesecake liquid. I’m a sad panda.

  18. Derrick Suber

    maybe this needs alot of steep time this has been steeping for almost a week but the flavor is still alittle lacking

  19. Kath

    I can’t decide how I feel about this one. It’s got such favorable reviews and I love both raspberry and cheesecake. I’m not sure if it’s the “spice” that’s throwing it off for me, but it almost seems to have a juniper flavor to me which I’m not quite fond of. Maybe I was just having a off taste day because as a general rule I love almost every single AiV flavor. I’ll probably give this another shot as I *really* want to love it.

  20. Madison (verified owner)

    I decided that I would only taste this when I got it, then put it away for about 10 days to let it steep before I tried it again. I couldn’t do it! Straight out of the mail it was absolutely fantastic. I taste the raspberry and the cheesecake, with a hint of spices. I don’t think it needs any changes to be perfect, but I do agree with others about needing a bigger bottle ASAP.

  21. Butterflykim

    This one is really good. Berry on the inhale and a slight cheesecake taste on the exhale. This one is really good. My favorite so far of the “testing juices.” I think making the berry flavor a little stronger will make this flavor ready to add to the regular juices! Just a little more tweaking for perfection! :)

  22. william

    Out of the box all I taste is the Raspberry, I love the flavor however and am having difficulty leaving it alone to allow it to steep. I am currently a week into steeping and have half a bottle left… I wish I could taste more of the cheesecake personally.

    • ashley

      I agree with you. I cant taste the cheesecake at all. I try and try and I just cant! Its still a good flavor nonetheless.

  23. Laura

    I agree MUST HAVE big bottles of this! It’s fantastic!

  24. norma

    After two weeks steeping, this is the food of the gods. I must have a gargantuan bottle immediately!!!! :)

  25. Paula

    I absolutely love this vape…it’s become my all day. The subtle flavors of raspberries and cheesecake blend perfectly. I must order this in a larger bottle!

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