Fifteen Foot Falls


Fire-roasted marshmallows . .  with a bit of coconut frosting . .
Two honey-sweet graham crackers . . and a touch of light toasty virginia!

A vape that reminds us to follow our heart :)






**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Glass bottles with dropper, 30ml Glass bottles with flat caps, 60ml Glass bottles with flat caps, or 120ml Glass bottles with flat caps.

Vapelandian-inspired :)


  1. Dimpled Cheshire

    My second taste of my sampler and I must say I enjoy it. I know it’s odd to go from the smooth and subtle flavour of A Quiet Morning (AQM) to this but honestly the rich marshmellow flavour to me is just so awesomely bold. I am saving the rest to sit and steep for a week but my 1st impression of this is yes for the nice bold flavour times that I want to vape from time to time. It is delicious

  2. Amy Blaze

    Reorganizing my e juice bounty, I came across a sampler of Fifteen Foot Falls I had received as a freebie with a previous order from AIV, (standard practice for Alice, complementing their outstanding service). Three days after arriving in my vape mail and being unable to resist, I streamed some into my Kanger Protank 2 and was dismayed; all I tasted was a fire scorched coconut marshmallow. The sample was reallocated into my ‘retry someday’ tin and promptly forgotten about until yesterday’s Great Juice Realignment (serious stuff that, needs capitalized).

    The weeks had transmuted the juice to a deep, lovely caramel, while the flavor had cured to become a complex intermingling of fire roasted marshmallows with a just a trace of coconut essence intermingled with honey graham crackers, rounding out with the slightest essence of savory tobacco on the exhale.

    A phenomenal vape rediscovered on a day the northern wind blew in the damp, cold winter, Fifteen Foot Falls is akin to being wrapped in a cozy blanket, warming yourself in front of a fire on a chilly day when you have nothing to do and all day not to do it.

  3. kim (verified owner)

    just lovely. i agree with pazik in that the tobacco is more of an afterthought and not in the forefront. i love this juice. i sometimes get hints of shortbread. and to think that when i first started vaping i thought mt baker vapors was the bomb!

  4. Pazik (verified owner)

    To anyone who doesn’t like tobacco flavored juice: Please ignore that last line of the description and order this. The problem with tobacco juices is that they are based around tobacco. This juice is more based around the marshmallow and graham cracker as the base of the flavor, which the other flavors augment it. Personally, I am not fold of coconut either, so I considered it a huge risk when I ordered this. Now that I have tried it, I will be including a bottle in every future order.

    It isn’t an “every day vape,” and not something I would take out of the house. Because it is too good. My recommendation is to use a juice with absolutely NO similarities to this one as an all day, so you don’t ruin your pallet. Once your responsibilities are behind you, and your to-do list is all checked off, put in fresh cotton or coils, and grab the 15 foot falls.

    It is the perfect weekender, best enjoyed with milky tea or coffee with cream.

  5. Rich (verified owner)

    The flavor of this juice is crazy good. the only thing i don’t like about it, is that it turns my wick black after a few drips. I’ve only had that problem with bottom shelf juices.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi Rich :) We are so glad you enjoy the flavor of Fifteen Foot. This flavor does include naturally-extracted tobacco which can cause residue on a wick.

  6. Guido van Gent (verified owner)

    My second best liquid! I love my mang-ri-la, but sometimes you get tired of sweet and fruity liquids and want a little bit different. I dont like bakery liquids and i dont like tobacco liquids, but this concoction is perfectly well blended into something not too sweet, but very very delicious! You taste the hint of tobacco, but in no way it is a full hardcore tobacco flavour and same goes for the graham crackers, its in there, but in no way its making it a bakery liquid. Im amazed how perfecly balanced this liquid is.

  7. Holly Waite (verified owner)

    The only flavor with tobacco I have liked so far. Other tobaccos I have tried taste fake and gross. This is really good. Toasty goodness.

  8. amdelaney27 (verified owner)

    I bought a 15ml of this, and it was gone within a few days. This flavor is just AMAZING. I was nervous to try it because I’m not a fan of graham crackers, but I’ve been looking for a good marshmallow flavor. The predominate flavor I get is a sweet, creamy coconut and marshmallow, with a very light tobacco on the exhale. It’s addicting! I am very, very picky about flavors, and have tried a LOT of vendors over the years. In fact, I’ve only used two vendors exclusively for the past year. I kept hearing good things about AiV, so I finally checked them out. I couldn’t be more pleased. They even made my juices 30PG/70VG for me, which is my ideal ratio! FFF really impressed me, and I will be reordering in a large size bottle. Can’t wait to try some other flavors, too!

  9. Stace Hann

    I live in the midwest. This flavor reminds me of the feeling of crisp nostaglia everytime fall comes. Coconut, marshmallow on the inhale. Grahmn cracker, and fall air essence on the exhale. It took me quite a few puffs to put my finger on it… When I say fall essence, its as if you took the flavor of a pile of colorful, fallen leaves that lay on the forrest floor,and put it in this vape. I don’t know. Really pleasant.

  10. James

    Got this one in the Sampler pack and I thought I would really enjoy it. However, I don’t know if I got a bad batch or something. The taste on exhale is hard to describe but not pleasant tasting. I don’t taste any of the flavors mentioned such as Fire-roasted marshmallows, coconut frosting, honey-sweet graham crackers or a touch of light toasty tobacco!

    The aftertaste and finish grossed me out completely and I can’t believe it but I actually pour out my full 2ml tank of it because I could not bear the taste of it. The only juice from AiV so far that I did not love.

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hi James :) Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences! Fifteen Foot Falls isn’t for everyone, every vaper is different! I am so happy you have found some favorites here in Vapeland :) That is what makes trying a Sampler first so fantastic, you can discover the perfect juice for you! Much love to you from the Mushroom Lab :)

  11. Diamond

    I’m thrilled to be trying this in the fall. It truly is like the perfect autumn vape. Making s’mores by a fire in the woods on a chilly evening. It tastes like that moment. Delicious. Will give it a few days of steeping before enjoying again, as well. If this concoction can get any better…. I just don’t know if I could handle it.

  12. Jenny (verified owner)

    This vape is tricky. I don’t get the tobacco flavor at all. I get a chocolaty s’more with a hint of cinnamon graham crackers and a touch of sweet, toasty, coconut every now and then. Will make a great ADV during the fall months.

  13. dilbert (verified owner)

    Ive been steeping this juice for 3 weeks. its still overly sweet. i feel like im really missing out on the tobacco and graham cracker. ive been breathing it and that seems to be both bringing out the tobacco and suppressing the ultrasweet coconut and marshmallow. ive never bought a 60ml bottle before, so im wondering if thats why the flavors have yet to blend properly. as it breathes however, it is most certainly improving. i know this juice can be wonderful, and i hope it is in time for the cooler weather to arrive.

  14. Kristy (verified owner)

    Soo perfect for the upcoming Autumn season! A hint of graham cracker, some toasted marshmallow and a wonderful hint of coconut on the exhale. This was the first sample I tried out of my delectable sampler, and it won me over immediately! I tried it a few days after I got it and it’s gotten better and better in the week I’ve had it. I’m now tasting a hint of chocolate cookie in it as well. Yum!! I’m also rationing this one until the big bottle arrives!! Makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a loved one to share it with. Bliss.

  15. Victoria (verified owner)

    This Flavor is just perfect. I am not a fan of tobacco flavored juices and refused to get one until this (Figuring I could just give it to my boyfriend who does like the occasional tobacco juice flavors if I didn’t like it. I let him have 2 drags of it and the rest is mine. That’s how good it is. I am definately ordering more soon because I am almost out after a week and the fastest I’ve gone through the same amount of any other juice was in over a month.
    The Flavor? It’s hard to say. It has very small hints of what I believe to be caramel or honey and maybe tootsie roll chocolate. You can taste the fire-cooked marshmellows and when I initally vaped this flavor, I felt like I was at a campfire munching on the best smore I’ve ever had. Even the after taste is great.
    One word of advice though – If you don’t smoke tobacco, if you acidentally inhale the vapor of this flavor, it will suddenly have an overwhelming tobacco flavor in the back of your throat and may gross you out and/or make you cough a little. Though, that’s ONLY if you inhale it, which you aren’t supposed to do in the first place. ;P
    Anyways, I HIGHLY reccomend this flavor and will be sharing it (only a little bit of it) with ALL my friends who vape because it’s just THAT good. If you aren’t sure about getting this in a sampler pack, take the risk and chances are, you will be happy. (Especially if you are like me and like darker/smoother flavors typically such as a java or hazelnut flavor).

  16. xKimmViciousx (verified owner)

    Oh my, my! I am falling in love. AiV flavour test #5, and I CANNOT stop myself. As with most of the reviews before me, I avoided this one for a bit because of the “tobacco” reference, but boy oh boy am I SO glad I finally bit the bullet. Smooth marshmallow sweetness in fluffy, puffy clouds of joy.
    I will be sad when this sample is finished, but am so excited to try the others that are patiently waiting.
    In my cart you go, 15 foot. I cannot w8 to share you!

  17. Mary Lue (verified owner)

    I was hesitant about purchasing a juice with tobacco flavour, since that isn’t something I enjoy. I’m glad I ordered this anyway! I haven’t found any juice with a better toasted marshmallow flavour than this! It’s like eating a smore fresh from the campfire! Everything is perfectly balanced and delicious! New AiV favourite!

  18. Bravesfan (verified owner)

    Not being particularly fond of tobacco vapes, it took me a little while to try this one. I have to say that this is one of the most delicious, complex vapes I have tried yet. It has wonderful layers of graham cracker, marshmallow, and creamy coconut with just a touch of toasty tobacco. This is my top adv now and I keep it on hand at all times. If you have been hesitant to try this one, don’t be. It is pure vaping perfection!

  19. Lisa

    I was so excited to get this in my sampler because it was the one flavor I was sure my boyfriend would love. And he does when he mixes it with a Cubano cigar e juice to cut some sweetness. Unfortunately It was much to sweet for my palate but then again I got it for him so no harm.

  20. Anna (verified owner)

    I love this juice. It is slightly sweet, creamy, and has a indescribable deliciousness. If you like White Rabbit you will love 15 foot falls. It is way beyond your average dessert vapes. It is unlike anything I have tried before.

  21. Maz (verified owner)

    I really wanted to love this and I was looking forward to it but I think I just dnt get what everyone else gets from it

  22. dean

    I taste all the flavors listed, unfortunately its way too sweet for me. I prefer fruity vapes and do not have a big sweet tooth. If you love sweets then you will love this juice.

  23. Rin13 (verified owner)

    This is definitely one that I recommend that you steep. At first, all I was getting was a smoke flavor with a hint of coconut. After steeping for a week, it started to improve. For me, the best way I’ve found to vape it is in my Genesis (RSST) tank. It compliments the slight tobacco in it. (nearly undetectable so if you don’t like tobaccos, don’t let that sway you) Mainly I get a graham cracker note with a little bit of coconut (not nasty wax tasting coconut, but a nice toasted genuine coconut flavor), a slight smokiness maybe from a “toasted marshmallow”… It’s really good. May even be my favorite thus far. Haven’t figured it out yet.

  24. tiffprida (verified owner)

    Each time you inhale and exhale this, it’s like being hugged and gives you a warm, cozy, fuzzy feeling inside. Words can’t describe this feeling. It’s so good, I want to cry.

  25. tiffprida (verified owner)

    15 foot falls is definitely a unique, highly decadent, and complex flavor. After steeping, the juice reveals new notes and deliciousness with each and every time you vape it. The hint of tobacco is subtle, I couldn’t even notice it at first. But over time, the juice kept revealing different flavor notes, such as the marshmallows being strong at the beginning, then the HONEY in the graham crackers becoming more relevant upon exhale. It is absolutely phenomenal. I have already gone through 1.5 bottles.. before accidentally spilling it :[. Will be ordering a 30 ml that I will most likely cut through in no time.

    Most B&M don’t carry this juice, but I have been pushing it to them like an annoying gnat, that they should carry this. It is AMAZING, and definitely easy to overlook. But I guarantee that once you try it, you won’t be disappointed.

    I recommend this juice to anyone that has a very unique, complex, and OPEN tasting palate. You will not be disappointed. <3

  26. Frank (verified owner)

    Bought this at a local B&M, blew through a 15ml bottle in no time, this is going to be my daily vape. Just ordered 2 60ml bottles. A definite must try, very complex flavors.

  27. margo (verified owner)

    I never thought I would like this…didn’t seem like my cuppa juice…but I have been surprised by the mushroom lab before so I decided I have to try every AiV flavor. And I’m so glad I did. This is now one of the 4 juices I absolutely have to have at all times. It is sweetness and light, on top of toasty graham goodness, and the added kick of tobacco makes this utterly perfect. Great right out of the mail but even better with age. Oh, AiV, you’ve done it again!! Love you all so much!!

  28. jeremy (verified owner)

    I was not a very big fan when it first arrived. I thought it was harsh and I had trouble find something it would wick well in ( pro tank head lasted a day, in a carto the flavor was muted but it worked, forget a top coil unless you want to tip and roll all day ). I set it aside ( ordered 10/22/13 and picked it back up tonight. I is absolutely awesome right this very moment. No harshness, very smooth and the flavors have really came out. No my absolute fave buts its in my top 5 for tobacco. I like it best dripped in a igo-l or igo-W rda, Heck it was awesome in a stingray 1.5 atty set at 3v.

  29. blackpurl (verified owner)

    This juice blew me away!!! I tried this when I was given a sample when I got my Afternoon Tea juice. It reminds me of German Chocolate Cake frosting which is my favorite part of the cake lol !!! Was shocked to realize it was a tobacco juice. Just received my bigger bottle today in the mail. Will definitely order more. I have enjoyed every flavor I have tried thru AIV but this one is a top fave!

  30. Pete Rizzo (verified owner)

    The most beautiful girl in the entire world told me all about 15 Foot Falls for a few weeks before I finally got on Vapeland on a Tuesday to order it.
    When my vapemail arrived with my 15 Foot Falls, I loaded it up in a new tank and sat back with a snifter of bourbon, and fell in love.
    The flavors in 15 Foot Falls blend so well together – it is like a beautiful dance. To me it is a romantic blend and an easy vape to enjoy anytime. It really tastes great, and when in my pro tank with a new wick – I fall in love all over again with my 15 Foot Falls.
    It is like kissing in the dark – just wish I had her here right now :)

    • Alice (verified owner)

      What a wonderful beautiful note, Pete! Thank you so much for sharing . . Ooooh, bourbon + 15footfalls = kissing in the dark . . ! We don’t think it can get any more romantic . .

  31. Chris (verified owner)

    15 ft falls is awesome sauce mixed in 50/50 its best for me in a trident dripper and a Russian 91. I tried it in a protank and the flavor was so muted.. a carto not so muted but the filler taste overwhelmed the marshmellow flavor.. its really decent in a aga with micro coil with cotton and really cranks out clouds with a mouthful of flavor.

    This is my #2 daily huckleberry e liquid. I tend to like higher end juices like 5 pawns, plume room, ahlusion and nickoticket for there complex flavor mixes and all out satisfaction but for the past month ive mainly vaped the alice smoke sauces april moon and 15ft falls. I recommend these liquids to anyone that can appreciate e liquid complexity. I’m not gonna fanboy up some “old english lore” riddles but I’m a big fan for sure.. lol
    I stayed up late yet again this Tuesday night to put another order in.. “roll eyes”
    I’ll stay up late every tuesday to order this sweet sauce if I have too. lmao

  32. Kenny

    So far I’ve left 2 reviews that are quite long and boring. This is my third. All I have to say is it’s spot on. Whatever the description says, whatever good things people are saying- spot on. I taste every element that this says it contains. I didn’t even touch it for 2 weeks. I let it breathe for 24 hours, shook every day for the next 6 days. Second week I let sit. 15th day, shook it, dropped it, vaped it. o. m. g.

  33. mau.other (verified owner)

    Excellent! Right out of the box it is 100% delicious. On inhale you get the sweetness of marshmallows and on exhale a mild hint of coconut. I would NEVER buy a coconut juice, fearing it would taste like Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen… however this one is incredible. Very mild to none throat hit but lots of vapor production. Will definitely get a bigger bottle.

  34. LeeLooDallasMultipass

    Read all the reviews and descriptions of each and every juice available here and this one stood out immediately! I’m a creamy, non-fruity lover and this just fit the bill. It’s a comforting experience that I could enjoy all day and I am buying a bigger bottle!

  35. James (verified owner)

    Well, there is either something fundamentally wrong with this ejuice, or I received a bad batch. From the first day I received it, it has ruined about 3 cartomizers, all immediately producing a burnt taste. I tried it in a new Protank head, same thing even at very low voltages. I understand this juice is somewhat toasty in flavor.. It smells like coconut frosting to me; however, the only thing I can taste is horrible burnt-filler flavor. I’ve let it steep about a month, but it’s still really gross, this is the only ejuice AiV makes that I would never buy again.. I have not had one decent vape with it, as it immediately burns or ruins whatever it’s in.

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi James! It sounds like you are having some wicking issues. Burning taste happens when you are vaping the juice faster than it can wick. Because 15foot falls contains Naturally Extracted Tobacco, it’s not the best juice for cartos, in fact it is probably *best* with a genesis type atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer. Don’t hesitate to call us and we can try our best to help you!

  36. elysearchie (verified owner)

    This is definitely going to replace my ADV. I was on the fence about Alice making a tobacco vape as I steered clear of tobacco flavors when I quit analogs but the coconut and the toasted marshmallow give this JUST what it needs. This juice is perfect. You can taste every single note and it’s delicious right out of the box.

  37. Mrs.F (verified owner)

    Just bought a “Little Bit of Everything” and am in LOVEEEEEE! This is the best ever! A full clearo hit gives you the taste of heavy cream and coconut – almost like eating fresh coconut from the shell… As the juice dwindles down in the clearo you get a little taste of tobacco… It’s pretty cool! No sweetness, just clean creamy goodness! Placing an order for a large bottle now!

  38. Flick

    My LBE is finally finished steeping and WOW. I tried the rabbit then this, I’m now a little depressed because I have to wait until Tuesday to order and another few weeks to get it and steep. I LOVE THIS JUICE!!! My new ADV, I believe it even puts that popular juice named after the findings of a certain Star Wars character in second place.

    I can’t wait to try the other favors… I’m like a kid in a candy store.
    So glad I found you Alice.

  39. fancypants723 (verified owner)

    I did not expect to love this flavor, but I absolutely adore it! I must have more, I ordered it while it was still i the C. Room and if only I had known! I will be eagerly awaiting Tuesday as I must have more of this absolutely fantastic vape! Just made it’s way into my must have list! Love at first vape, cannot wait to order a big bottle! Thank you p, you wonderful AiV flavor artists! Is it Tuesday yet? ;)

  40. Shaunna Jones

    OH YEAH!!! We are soooo glad that Alice decided to add this one to the regular line up! When we got this wonderful new flavor in one of our vape mails, we were so excited to just get a new flavor…..then we tried it ……and OHHHH BOY!!!! It ROCKS!!!! Thanks so, so, so much… we’ve got two faves (we love ALL the flavors we’ve tried) but White Rabbit and now 15 Foot Falls are our go to flavors :) Alice and groupies working for Alice ya’ll rock, keep up the great work and keep on rolling out the delish juices please! Can’t wait for a new one!!!

  41. Alice (verified owner)

    We are so excited to have our very first in-house NET flavor on our regular menu! Well, it’s not a lot of tobacco, but just enough in the to give it something special, something toasty! Thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback :) . . . And the best part is a very dear Alicandrian inspired this flavor ~ her beautiful poem can be seen in the comments below :)

  42. Lisa

    I love everything about 15foot Falls! The marshmallow, coconut frosting, graham crackers and toasted tobacco. I am glad the tobacco takes a back seat to all the other flavors but it does give it that sumpin sumpin that pulls it all together. This is so much better than a s’more type flavor. I hope this and Ginger by the Sea makes it into the regular menu. Bravo!!

    So glad I purchased several bottles.

  43. Shaunna Jones

    This is an AWESOME new flavor from our good old friends at Alice! My hubby and I both agree this is totally an all day vape, just like we LOVE White Rabbit for our all day vape right now.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Alice, make this and also Lemon Gelato both in your all time collection! (we got a sample bottle of Lemon Gelato in our previous order and are so saddened to see it go
    and it’s not even in the croom to get another little bottle! Oh please Alice!!!

  44. Fizzpop

    This is lovely. Just as described. Unfortunately, I have a very sad tale. I was trying this in my RBD and when I went to get another drip or two, I ended up spilling most of the bottle. Needless to say, I am heartbroken, since it is so, so very good. I’ll tack on another 7ml bottle next time I place my regular order, but given I just ordered 60ml or A Quiet Morning and 60ml of Mystic Mandalime, it may be a few weeks. =(

    Despite only being able to try a small bit, I can tell this will be part of my regular rotation. I agree with the others who have posted, this is just about perfect. My only complaint is that the exhale through the nose is ever so slightly “off” not quite – I don’t notice it exhaling through the mouth. That being said, if I could order a 60ml bottle this very instant, I would.

  45. Madison (verified owner)

    This is absolutely divine. I personally do not taste any coconut (which is a little disappointing, because I adore coconut and have been desperately searching for a coconut vape), but the marshmallow and tobacco come through beautifully with a dusting of graham cracker on the exhale. I wanted to put this away for at least 10 days, but found that to be impossible after sampling it. I ordered a second bottle last week because I couldn’t stand the thought of running out of this juice.

    I like tobacco vapes with a hint of sweetness to them, and without the tobacco being too obvious, and 15 Foot Falls delivers. The tobacco is not overwhelming, but compliments the sweet, gooey marshmallow and the crumbly graham cracker flavors perfectly. I do wish there was just a touch more coconut, though. If I could get this juice in a 30, or even 60ml bottle, even without the extra coconut, I would gladly do so because it is an all day vape for me.

    I’ve been vaping this on an RDA (purchased here, also) with a 2.4ohm coil, cotton wick, vaped between 3.7 & 4.2 volts (or around 6-7 watts) on an ego Twist and itaste SVD.

  46. themonocle

    I waited to post a comment on this juice and it was hard because I wanted to rave about it straight out of the bottle.

    Tested in two clearomizers: Kanger T2 & Kanger Evod. Tested with an ego twist and a regular battery for taste differences.
    I filled up my Evod first. Having a preference for Black and White Cookie in it I went for by instinct. You can taste each and every note with this clearomizer. It was enchanting. A couple of days later, I filled up my T2. Curious to see if there was a taste difference. There was. I was surprised to find that the blend was harmoniously different. Everything married together so beautifully. I was enthralled. This one is my favorite. I can’t decide which one I like more this or B&W Cookie.

    I’ve been vaping this one off and on now. The only problem I can find with it is that I don’t have a giant bottle of it on my shelf. Please Alice, make it bigger!

  47. sadluckdame (verified owner)

    [b]Fifteen Foot Falls[/b]

    Small coconuts to be lost me and neat cake,
    all on a bed of marshmallow
    and graham,
    be mine

    behind that ribbon
    that ribbon
    that braid

    behind that girl
    that simian’s whirl
    behind girl
    is just sky,
    just sky.

    In a room full of mirror,
    many more tall and many to frighten,
    but I’m to grab on kite
    this time,
    this time.

    Some along the weekly mend,
    it’s the tobacco in my blend
    falling in rabbit trails
    calling rabbit tales the vape
    with girl,
    with braid.

    Tie her ribbon, kite her tail
    get weighed,
    get weight,
    but I’m to grab on kite
    this time,
    this time.

    • alice

      We are honored to offer your Fifteen Foot Falls, dear Sadluckdame!

      To a girl with braids, sky & ribbons beyond
      Falling falling a rabbit’s trails
      Flying flying on a kite beyond!

      • sadluckdame (verified owner)

        I’m thrilled with how much enjoyed it has been, for me and others. Seeing the responses has kept me smiling, too and the youtube video.

        TY, AIV, for making this such a wonderful adventure.
        Much love!

  48. Terri Carr

    Oh my, oh my, this is SO perfect! DO NOT CHANGE A THING! I don’t normally vape tobacco at all, but this is absolutely, perfectly, incredibly SUBLIME!!! I asked for this specially before it was released and I’m SO glad I did! I’ve almost gone through my 7ml bottle and it’s only been 2 days. PLEASE, Alice and Co., make this a permanent delight ASAP!

    • alice

      Thank you Terri! We absolutely *LOVE* this one too!

  49. ashley

    I want to try this so bad!!

  50. freedreams (verified owner)

    This was love at first vape! I don’t believe there is anything that can be done to make this any better than it already is. You will LOVE this if you covet smores accompanied by a light tobacco vape beside the campfire. Magically, the Vapelandian alchemists have delivered fluffy marshmallow clouds in a bottle!

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