Forgotten Memories


A fresh Concord Grape . . .

that summons Clouds of a time past . . .




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.

Charmingly inspired by one of our dear Vapelandians.


  1. Kasey B (verified owner)

    For at least 2 years now I’ve only vaped A.I.V. I vape 2 flavors daily; Forgotten Memories and Buckle My Shoeberry using my 2 Isticks both paired with their own Aspire K2 clearomizer tanks. I’ve used Forgotten Memories for at least 2 years. It tastes so crisp and natural. It’s not overly sweet or too tangy. It’s just right. Grape flavors haven’t ever been a favorite of mine so when my fiancé asked me to order this for him with my juice I planned on trying it. We began a love affair with this juice and keep our stock full of it. So if you aren’t too sure about trying it I can tell you it’s absolutely worth it. I wrote a review here around the time I started vaping it I wanted to let you guys know that it’s still one of mine and my fiancés all day vape faves!

  2. Chanell (verified owner)

    I read that once upon a time this flavor was discontinued. Please, please don’t! I have been on the search for my perfect grape since I started vaping. This, this is it!! Grape bubblegum all day. My love! Can’t wait to try my other favors!

    • Alice

      Aw, we’re so glad you found a love of the (never) Forgotten Memories! We shall keep it here safe for you!

  3. Ashley (verified owner)

    So freaking good! And the packaging is incredible! Will reccomend to friends and order again!

  4. Rebecca grabek (verified owner)

    This is now my new ADV! I love grape, it tastes exactly like grape gum (I had to go buy some to test that theory!) no fake grape taste at all!

  5. kootabootz (verified owner)

    Tastes EXACTLY like grape Hubba Bubba, I’m not sure if you get that in the states, but it’s the most delicious and bubbly bubble gum.l that is every Aussie kids fave. Takes me back to 12 years old on the school bus. Nicely done Alice

  6. Destined to Snap (verified owner)

    I love this refreshing spike of concord grape flavor that is now in my ADV rotation. Not a dull or too sweet grape flavor at all. It doesn’t prompt the question ‘Do I like this or not…or maybe I will like it later.’ A wonderful trait of this juice is that whatever you’re dreaming it to taste like, it will magically taste that way and possibly surpass your expectations. This juice is something else! Delightful and delectable. It’s so Alice! Not a grape fan? Take a chance and buy this juice, I did.

  7. Cindy (verified owner)

    Thank you sooo much for bringing this one back! There is nothing out there to equal the wonderful concord grape flavor that this juice has. I am hoping that you will keep it around for a good long time.

  8. puffy kitty

    omg! got this as a sample wow! so delicious just like the famous grape juice that’s out there!it’s clear with a ever so slight color of purple! differently an all day vape for me thank again Alice!

  9. Glenn (verified owner)

    Def an all day vape for me. I tried others but nothing compares.. I hope this one stays around forever!!!!

  10. sandu.draeoak1 (verified owner)

    This will make alot of folks happy to have been brought back to life! Very good realistic old school grape

  11. Dedra (verified owner)

    This is my ADV and favorite juice that I’ve ever come across. There is no comparison with any other grape out there–I know because I tried all of them, trying to find a replacement when it was discontinued. Thank you, AiV, for bringing back one of the flavors I can’t live without. <3

  12. mscja72 (verified owner)

    As soon as I try and love this it becomes discontinued. My heart breaks

    • duchessofvapeland

      I am so sorry dear one! Some new flavors are emerging out of Vapeland, I hope you find some new favorites :) Big hugs!

  13. Kaylaaa (verified owner)

    Yum! I gave this one a try on a whim and it’s now a fav! Sweet and flavorful… like grape bubblegum, but not fake tasting!

  14. Abby (verified owner)

    Hands down, right out of the mailbox, the most perfect grape flavor I’ve ever had! I felt like a little kid shoving a hand full of ripe concord grapes right into my mouth. Just amazing!

  15. Gabby (verified owner)

    First off my vaping specs: Atty TOBH RDA .5ohm on Manhattan or Tree of Life mods.

    I want to start by saying, that those that have issues with AiV juices being too strong, I have the same issues. And I fixed them by switching to a RDA (dripping atomizer). Everything comes out much smoother. But this juice is probably my fave AiV juice. I’ve tried all of them (from the sample pack and requested Oddity samples), and while some are not for me, this one definitely is.

    I love grapes, the sour sweetness of fresh grapes gets me every time, and this does not disappoint! Slightly sour high notes on the inhale and yummy grapey goodness on the exhale, at least for me. I didn’t let it steep, aside from it being in the mail. I went through a 15ml bottle in a week, and for me that is a record! Great all day vape for me, I was very sad when it was gone. TT^TT

  16. Badamanks (verified owner)

    Just quit cigs & began vaping 5 months back, when I bought this one I was on the hunt for my ADV. I am not sure if this could be an all day vape for me by choice. But I did however end up having this as my only juice at one point for maybe a week or so. And by that time everything else had already been bought steeped & vaped. Forgotten Memories given a good 2-3 weeks just chillin in a corner with a periodic shake or 2 does the trick. Although, vaping very potent on the day of it’s arrival as well. So I am really not sure it needed it either way it was delicious and I could never regret that money spent. I never regret AIV. Forgotten Memories *Never Forgotten* This juice held up in the sunlight looks clear until you look closer it’s actually Light Purple. Which made me like it more.

  17. Ray

    Some of the comments really surprise me–I almost can’t believe that we are talking about the same liquid. I received this as a sample, and I think it’s really delicious. But, I actually think that the flavor is too strong–after vaping it for a while, it’s almost too much for me. The weird thing is that I tend to prefer really strong flavors. For me, too, the throat hit of this was also strong–in fact, it made me cough the first few times I vaped it (and I generally don’t have that kind of reaction–in fact, one of my ADVs is a really hot cinnamon red hots that most people can’t tolerate!). I was a little surprised by the harshness because I’ve never had that experience with any AIV e-liquid–this one is just very different from the rest of Vapeland! I don’t mean any of these comments in a negative way–this is an e-liquid that I will probably buy again. But, it’s an occasional vape for me, not an ADV.

  18. MrPresidentm

    i received this as a sample. Very smooth. i have to say i am impressed with this flavor. I grow concord grapes and it tastes very much like the grapes in my backyard. a little bit stronger flavor would be nice, but because of the lightness you can puff all day without your tongue getting used to it and enjoy the taste every puff. i have tried many grape vapes and this is the only one that i would recommend

  19. Josh

    Got this one as a free sample and love it thank you so much AIV you ate the best!

  20. Mary

    I love love love this juice! I got it as a sample, and thank you! I will be ordering more. It is exactly what it sounds like. I was wanting to try it but hadn’t gotten around to it but WOW! I’m glad it got sent as a sample because it is great!! A must try for sure.

  21. GypsySyx (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t change a thing. This is one of the very best grapes I’ve had. It doesn’t taste like candy or leave an annoying aftertaste, just a crisp, clean, refreshing vape. And it’s perfetly named too :) Of course.

  22. Sabrina31 (verified owner)

    I love this one! I agree a little more depth to the grape would be nice it has a great subtle grape test but would love more flavor of grape! All around i am in love with all of your products!

  23. Alex (verified owner)

    The grape flavor of this is good. I agree it could be a bit stronger but it’s not bad.

    My complaint is that it’s a very light draw. No throat hit at all really. I had to double check my bottle to make sure I got my normal 18mg strength. Indeed it was 18 mg but since it seemed there was no throat hit it left me a little unsatisfied.

    I will be ordering another bottle though to give it another try.

  24. Butterflykim

    I agree with the other comment about adding more grape flavor. A little stronger and it will be very good! The current flavor is very subtle. Almost too subtle. :)

  25. william

    I cannot wait until summer, This is one of the most refreshing non menthol flavors that I have experienced. It stays true to the grape flavor and is not overpowering like other flavors that I have tried. As soon as this gets promoted out of development I will be sure to get a larger bottle but until then I have to settle for buying the small bottles to satisfy my fix.

  26. yuttynutt

    This one is good, maybe just a little more flavor but most definitely one of the most natural grape flavors I’ve had to date.

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