Mystic Mandalime



An exotic breeze of mandarin and lime, to whisk your senses to far off lands . . Enjoy the sweet tartness of these two flavors together! Taste the sweetness of the delightful mandarin, and then the spicy hit of the bold lime.




**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles, 30ml Gorilla bottles, 60ml Gorilla bottles, 120ml Gorilla bottles, 15ml Glass bottles with dropper and 250ml Glass bottles with flat tops.


  1. Dimpled Cheshire

    I completely forgot I had this flavour so when I found 3 of them yesterday ( this one as well as frost blossom and afternoon tea) i put it in. I got it back when I had gotten a little bit of everything sampler last year. It is possible that I’ve just had it too long why I do not taste the mandarin but I do taste the lime and it is very nice and subtle and soothing. I will have to try this again straight out the box or at least not over a year later lol.

  2. Aurora

    This juice is like biting into a slice of mandarin orange at the same time as taking a nibble of key lime pie. Zesty, well pronounced, and thoroughly ADV-able. <3

  3. Kathy

    I would never have imagined in a million years, really!!!, that I would have like this juice. I’m not a citrus anything fan of anything! But this juice and I are really going to get along just fine this summer I do believe lol!!! Wasn’t to bold and wasn’t to light! Just a mellow right! Thank you for this lovely sample! If it wasn’t for you I would have never tried it.

  4. xkimmviciousx (verified owner)

    Holy Summer Goodness, Vapeland!

    I am usually a “dessert” vaper, so when I received this as a sample I was more than a little leery. But orange is one of the only fruit vapes I have been willing to try, so I kept it around. After 6 weeks of steeping I was finally out of juice so I decided what the heck. I cleaned and rebuilt my atty, put in fresh wicks, filled up my tank, and said a little prayer that I hadn’t just wasted my time.

    On first pull I enjoyed the sweetness at the start, but was a little stumped by the finish. Hit it again, hit it again and exhaled thru my nose, hit it again and decided I didn’t much like it. The notes at the finish presented like lime peel and orange pith with maybe a hint of basil, a little to raw for my liking. But it being late, and me being lazy, I decided to just go with it. Now 24 hours later and my tank is empty and I am sad! I ended up liking this one SO much that I vaped my tank empty and my wicks dry- something I have NEVER done before.

    My advice, stick with this one; it may just surprise you! But hey, when you start reordering- save me some, will ya?!

  5. Lisa

    Not my jam I have to say. It has way to much of a floral taste but still extremely subtle somehow in over all flavor. It had a chemically smell to it as well. First ejuice I haven’t enjoyed.

  6. Maz

    This is a really refreshing vape not an all day vape for me but a one I like to pick up every now and then really nice u get a full blast flavour it tastes like real fruit :)

  7. Charles

    Both the flavors are very pronounced. You can really taste the lime and mandrin. Probably the most flavorful vape I got from you guys and great for spring and summer vaping. I love it. Huge clouds absolutely tasty citrus blend. 9/10

  8. Simon

    Was really excited about this juice, but it was a little bit disappointing. I think the sourness was a bit overpowering just in the finish. I enjoyed the citrus notes, just wish the sour finish were a bit more tame. Going to let it sit for a couple weeks and try again.

  9. John

    The flavor of this juice is top shelf, It is a light and refreshing vape. This vapor reminds me of the citrus water that I from time to time. It would be great for a late summer afternoon. I did have some issues with leaking “the gurgles”. However I can’t say it was the juice,, these things happen from time to time with the type of tank system I am using. I cleaned the tank and contacts real good and I remove the OME flavor wick and add a thicker cotton wick. Now I can see smell mystical clouds of lime, orange, and lemon floating about my mind, never worrying about the time, for I have been suspended in a constant state of sublime.

  10. John (verified owner)

    Comparing Mystic Mandalime to other citrus vapes is tantamount to comparing filet mignon to a Happy Meal! The fruit notes here are simply incredible and complex but subtle and not overwhelming…as someone below said perfectly, it’s like breathing in the smell as you first begin to peel a mandarin orange. As soon as they legalize “vape marriage” I’ll be honeymooning with a new 60ml bottle!

  11. jennilleoribello

    Based on reviews and description, I was most excited to try Mystic Mandalime in my LBE sampler. After a few days of steeping, I finally decided to taste it. It is everything I had hoped for and more. Delicious mandarin and lime, with a hint of something I can’t quite place. A spice of some kind? Something’s mysteriously complex in there and it keeps me coming back. I’m ordering the BIGGEST bottle when Alice opens up again, and I’m already down to mere drops of my tiny 3ml sample. The horror!

  12. Chris

    I cant wait to taste this juice.
    I have 1 question about it, I have a halo triton, I have read that citrus juices need a glass tank.
    Has anyone vaped this from a non glass tank?
    Did you have any problems?

  13. GypsySyx (verified owner)

    All I can say is…yum. One of the best citruses around.

  14. James (verified owner)

    First of all, I would like to say that I absolutely love citrus flavors. I have been experimenting with many vendor’s citrus ejuices, and have not been pleasantly surprised by any, until now. When I ordered this juice, I was excited, but subconsciously felt I would be let down, however; Mystic Mandalime is unlike any other citrus vape I’ve EVER had. Its unbelievable. The second I smelled it, I knew it was special. Its the only mandarin/orange/tangerine ejuice I’ve tried that smells true and pure. It tastes how it smells, which is like the purest, most ripe mandarin you have ever eaten, with a twist of lime. The sweetness is perfect, its not too intense, nor too light. The throat hit is also there, while its nothing groundbreaking its absolutely enough. The vapor is great as well as the clear color of the ejuice, which increases longevity in devices. Overall, this ejuice is a piece of art, and I now understand why AiV is such a respected and reveered company. This ejuice simply blew me away and I strongly encourage others to try it, you will not be disappointed. Also, I want to thank AiV for creating such wonderful eliquids, I am so happy I finally went through with my order.

  15. Lisa (verified owner)

    WOW! This is super nice. This is like a fresh lime and mandarin. Nothing artificial here. It’s like an illusion of peeling a fruit. You get a little bit of the zest that sprays in the air as you peel it. The sweetness seems natural as though you just ate a piece of mandarin. Glad I bought a 15ml. I used to love Camel’s Twista Lime and this is so much better and without the stinky-ness of a cigarette. If you like either fruit you should really give this a try. A+++

  16. kellygirl (verified owner)

    Oh, Mandalime you sweet and saucy seducer! You, oh singularly sassy one, have made my taste buds swoon. You are unlike those other citrus flavors from less brilliant origins, flavors that tout the virtue of their citrus flavors but whom, in comparison to your tangy goodness, prove to be less than savory characters. You, my dearest and ever dear Mandalime are pure delicious delight whose company I shall keep regularly.

  17. TheBuffster

    Loooooooooove this one! Definitely an all-day vape for me, very refreshing!

  18. chris

    Awesome flavor, simply puts every other vendor I have ever tried to shame. I am still speechless over this, its my first order from AIV and I now know what the hype is all about.

  19. Robert

    I think this would be a winner if it had a cream in it as well. It’s a pretty good vape but it feels like it’s missing something. I like it, but I wish it were a little more complex. With a vanilla cream it would be awesome I think.

  20. David

    Wow! I like citrus flavors in general, and this is hands down the best I have tried. Flavor blend is spot on with just a touch more of lime flavor over orange. The lime flavor is crisp and natural with no bitter aftertaste. I will be ordering a big bottle soon.


  21. Michelle

    Received this as a sample in my order today. Oh my goodness GIVE ME MORE!! I feel like that old commercial for black Friday where the women were standing at the door saying “open open open” as I sit stalking AIV’s page knowing exactly when they will be open but still just feeling as if I can make it faster by watching :)
    This is delicious. I never ordered this because I was unsure but as time goes on I have learned to never doubt Alice in all her wisdom. I have yet to receive a sample or an order of something I do not love. Even the flavors I would never dream of ordering – are delicious!! Now please OPEN OPEN OPEN :)
    Great things come to those who wait – even better things come when the wait is on AIV!!

  22. Jiggy

    Love it love it love it. It reminds me a lot of Orangina, it even has this kind of fizzy nose-feel when you exhale, like you’re drinking a soda.

  23. Josh K

    I just got my sample pack, and this came with it as a very nice addition. I LOVE the flavor, it’s perfect for a nice lime vape with a twist, thank you so much for adding it!

  24. Craig

    Oh my…
    This juice is simply delicious. It is Mandarin-Orange. It is lime. It is heavenly. I’ve been on a (foolish) quest to find a similar juice. I’ve mixed. I’ve pried. I’ve snooped. I’ve done naughty things. I’ve dabbled. I’ve dribbled (oops!) I’ve come back for the real thing! I’ve found a favorite juice! <3

  25. Vickie

    oh man this one is awesome; it will knock ur socks off!!! if you like sweet-tart flavors, this is for you! it is one of the finer juices I have ever tried….

  26. Heather

    I looooove this juice! One of my favorite things used to be to mix some mountain dew and orange juice and this is just about spot on as far as the flavor goes. I am totally in love. The only issue is going to be to figure out which flavors to buy next.

  27. JSN

    Got this as a free sample with my order, thank you :)
    Usually I’m not a citrus fan – now I am!
    In fact I love the fresh, sharp and bitter, yet subtle taste of lime on the exhale.
    The (not too)sweet mandarin is fantastic on the inhale….and the ‘dusty’ flavor from the base….brilliant!
    must try this again.

  28. abracadebra

    This is my 2nd favorite my wake up morning zippy crisp zesty zing …gives me a sparkle to start my day…yippy

  29. Kerri

    Fresh Limeade from our local Sonic Drive Inn is exactly what this taste like! The lime (with zest) and then the sparkle of a lemon-lime soda is what this tastes like. So crisp and juicy….almost too good to be true. I love this company too, the packaging makes vape mail days every bit as enjoyable as opening holiday gifts. The juices have little charms hanging from the cap that coordinate with the flavor. Just so special all the way around. The artwork and notes on the invoices are so nice that I hate throwing them away and seriously, I never even look at most invoices. Ultimately though, it’s the high quality of the juices that knock my socks off and will keep me coming back for more.

  30. subtle_banter

    This flavor is out of the park good. so clean. the lime is the most real I have tasted in an ejuice, and you really get it on the exhale. wonderful.

    • subtle_banter

      after going through my sample pack all night, this is the stand-out. wow. this flavor is so complex, I don’t think I could tire of it in a month. very awesome. the mandarin on the inhale and most of the lime on the exhale. great juice here. good job.

  31. abracadebra

    Wow!! WoW!! im new to alice in vapeland..ordered a sampler .but after reading all these taste buds are hanging..alice ill be knocking again before the sample arrives to my rabbit hole down im so late for my beauty sleep.1am in aussie land sweet dreams P.s Dear alice will there be berries n creams in vapeland? xx nite nite

  32. morri at ECF

    There is no way this bottle is going to be big enough! Take my word for it. I am going to need more!

  33. HarleyDiva

    I have been trying to find a good lime vape for months….this is the first good one I have run into. Not too sweet, not too tart….just right. I don’t usually like juices with orange….but again….this one is just right. The combination of the two is really really nice.

  34. morri at ECF

    First of all, I’d like to say that this company will knock your socks off when it comes to originality, customer service, packaging and the main thing, TASTE!

    I simply cannot believe the incredible taste of their juices. They have a very loyal fan base of……just about everyone who has ever tasted their juice.

    Mystic Mandalime

    Vapor: substantial
    TH: just right. not too strong, but totally there
    Taste: sharp, sweet/sour tangy, but not too strong

    This one surprised me. I don’t like lime at all, ever. I love lemons but really kind of hate lime, and the lime is the second pronounced flavor of this vape juice, only beat out by the pure, natural, sweet/sour Mandarin. It is out there, in your face kind of lime. And I like it. A lot.

    The first thing you notice is the crisp aroma of the lime. It has NO perfumey taste. All natural, why don’t you snap it off the vine and have a bite, kind of taste. The mix is a beautiful combination with mandarin orange. There is no conflict between the two flavors. No one is trying to overpower the other. Just a solid beautiful tango from start to finish. The taste is crisp, extremely juicy, sweet (but just the right sweetness) and somewhat tart. The mandarin seems to be of the Tangor variety, sour/sweet. I loved it at first bite….er…vape. It is totally refreshing, like jumping in a cool pool on a really hot day. It satisfies completely and I honestly cannot think of one negative thing to say. It isn’t “too” anything. It’s just good! Really Good!

    morri’s advice: Get some…….now.

    • cocoabellaRSD

      Morri what an awesome juice review of Mystic Mandelime.

  35. SnakePlisken

    (Inferno, 18mg) As the previous poster said, mandarin up front, lime on the end, very clean, nice, sweet flavor. I wonder if it might benefit from some steeping, the mandarin is a little perfumy, but not unpleasantly so. Very nice citrus vape.

  36. alice

    Thanks Chunkmeister for the review!

    Comments (first impression)
    Refreshing Lime and Mandarin flavour. The sharpness of the lime means this is a very clean flavour.
    Good amount of vapor. Citrus flavour makes this a really mouth watering vape.
    Has some sweetness. but not too much. Good hit, definitely enhanced by sharpness.
    The orange is crisp and like sherbet!
    Lime and Mandarin
    Sharp lime.
    Final Score
    9 / 10
    Final verdict
    Delectable Lime and Mandarin flavour.

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