Vapeland’s Favorites


”It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” -Alice

Here you have it! The ones that everyone loves and all in one place. Vapeland’s top 5 Juices in one delicious sampler!
Includes a 15ml bottle of each of our 5 best-selling flavors of Juices, that’s 75mls of vaping delight (selections may change seasonally as per our current limited editions):

~A Quiet Morning – green tea with passionfruit . . .
~April Moon – a smooth evening vape with blueberries, apricots, and puffs of moon . .
~Zombie Apocalypse – an attack of strawberry cupcake!
~White Rabbit – a curiously indescribable delight!
~Twas Brillig – warm clouds of blackberry crumble wafting from the oven . .




Please enjoy our Vapeland’s Favorites sampler Alice-style at our recommended flavor level and PG/VG ratio. Max VG is available via the checkbox.


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