White Rabbit



…the curiously indescribable White Rabbit!

Sweet and brilliant Morri, Winner of our ‘It’s Your Flavor Contest’, inspired, named and helped us create this beautiful flavor. She is a wonder in herself, a curious person of many talents, loved by all . . .





**Premium formulas. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.


A Haiku written in tribute to White Rabbit, Thank You InformationChef!

Rabbit amongst Trees
Flavors are mischievous
Hide, my elusive love.


  1. blackpurl (verified owner)

    Went on faith with this one too and again was not disappointed. The only thing is still don’t know what flavor it is! Smelled it and smelled like nuts and something else I could not place. Vaped it and it changed again! Had to hide this one from my sister. She loved the smell when I vaped it. Sorry….she took my pun’kin tumble sample ……sob….can’t have this…lol!

  2. Trey Pilk (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS!! Tastes nutty, and pretty hard to describe, but it has quickly became my all day vape! Tastes a lot like Pecan to me, and I love it! Will be ordering a 60ml bottle very soon!

  3. Han (verified owner)

    This juice reminds of childhood memories of that milky vanilla taste of white rabbit candy.

  4. Megan (verified owner)

    Love love love this! I just got it today and I have not been able to put it down. Just became my all day vape for sure. Will be ordering a bigger bottle once mine runs out!!

  5. CABA (verified owner)

    Great flavor, kind of difficult to explain. some kind of vanilla style cream.. reminds me of the filling in a Bavarian cream doughnut. I’ve really started to like this flavor, i can vape it all day or for just a bit.

  6. rainbowfrogpops (verified owner)

    I couldn’t wait to get this and it didn’t disappoint. Best freaking juice ever. This was my first order. I was having trouble finding good juice and didn’t know where to turn till one day I turned on the radio, and got the advice I needed. “Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know” : ) Thanks guys definitely will order again!

  7. Natalie

    This is SOOOOO good that I just can’t put it down. I’m going to need another large bottle far too soon!! I love the packaging, as well. Tickles me like mad.

  8. JinxTheCat

    This stuff is some weird juice yes you can smoke it as soon as you come but what I got was nuts which I hate so I left it alone for a week with the cap off. Then it tasted like caramel and something else which is fine with me better then nuts.

  9. Anthony

    I was really hoping I would like this stuff but all my wife and I can taste is what seems to be alcohol :-( I guess I will let it seep with the top off for a while and try it again next week. What is very strange to me is it smells like 80% alcohol. LOVING the ZombieA and CupcakeC though! No alcohol taste/smell with either of those.

  10. chellemakepeace (verified owner)

    Holy smokes…I don’t like sweet juices normally, but I am seriously in LOVE with this…I have no idea what it is! I just dripped my last drop, and I am mourning the store is CLOSED! :( so so so sad…I will have to sneak in on Tues and order a big ol bottle! :) Thank you :) Oh, and the packaging, is to DIE for! <3

  11. robert_j_sutherland@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Wow! I am seriously loving this flavor. Kind of nutty, kind of buttery, Sweet but not cloying… Definitely in a league of its own from any other flavor that I’ve vaped in my time! Thanks AiV, keep up the beautiful work!

  12. Lisa (verified owner)

    What I get from White Rabbit is the coconut-pecan frosting from a German Chocolate cake (Minus the Chocolate & cake). Just that creamy yummy frosting. Loving it!

  13. RocketQueen

    I’m not loving it. Received my 15ml bottle today and thought I would sneak a little taste. All I get is a horrible mix of sweet spices that have been slightly burnt. Nothing like everyone else here is reporting. Thought it was my setup at first, but no.

    I’m leaving it to steep a while longer (although in the three weeks it took to get here – Australia – I would have thought it would be plenty steeped.)

    Nonetheless, I’m hoping that getting some air into it will help because I really, REALLY want to love it. I’ll try again in a few days :)

    • alice

      Hi RocketQueen! We hope you come to love White Rabbit as much as us too :) If you have any questions about a good setup for the bunny, please feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to help you out. It’s Jah’s ADV, so he has some very good advice on how to enjoy it!

    • MADDasaHATTER (verified owner)

      Hi there the set up i use is a Vamo v2 with a kanger pro tank with 2.5 oms and it works awesome with this juice and the pumkin juice to hope this helps and really love drinking a great beer with it to an ale or stout best of luck and keep vaping.

  14. Christopher Glasscock (verified owner)

    I’m a dude but OMG!!! Alice just got my order of White Rabbit and it’s making me MADD as a HATTER cuz I can’t put my finger on the taste of it but it takes me back to when I was 10 yrs old at my grandmas house eating all the great things she would bake. Love this juice and now its my #1 and I will always have it on hand as long ya’ll keep making it. Keep of the great work and thanks.

  15. Julie Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Oh Dear Alice, thank you so much for making this juice! I have searched high and low for good juices and now I’ve finally YOU. I first got White Rabbit in a sampler pack and it was by far my favorite. I got a butterscotch, nutty, coconut taste and it filled me with bliss. Thank you so much for saving me from all those other mediocre juices out there. I ordered a giant bottle today and I’m looking forward to receiving it more than you could know! Once again, thank you Alice!

  16. Julie Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Oh Dear Alice, thank you! I have been searching high and low for a good juice and now I’VE FOUND YOU! White rabbit has this rich buttery, nutty, coconut, and butterscotch taste that leaves me wanting more! I have found bliss with The White Rabbit. I got mine in a sampler pack but will be ordering a giant bottle the next time you open! Thank you for saving me from all the other lackluster juices out there!

  17. Cyia

    I LOVE this juice! I can see my self vaping this all day. The first day I got it I could smell the spices and a bit of the frosting that is used to make carrot cake. Second day, the icing was more pronounced and the flavors just started to really come together. I am so much in love with this juice.

    I’ll be ordering a larger bottle come next week and vaping my heart out!

  18. BentoBeth (verified owner)

    LOVE this.
    I get notes of toasted coconut, creamy caramel, maybe hazelnuts?
    Reminds me of a caramel macciato coffee with a coconut macaroon.

  19. Rick B.

    Absolutely delish!! Seems to change each time i vape it. Sometimes its a clear cut case of Coconut Cream Pie. Sometimes toasted coconut with a bakery smell finish. Hit on it one morning and got maple syrup and pancakes. I think that AiV is some sort of collection of Mad Geniuses with this one. Mine and my wifes favorite, hands down!!!

  20. Robert

    I was really off put by this flavor at first. It took me by surprise. There was an odd musty and almost grassy taste. I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect given that the name and flavor are so ambiguous. I have vaped 3 other AiV liquids before this one. I vaped Cupcake City, Mystic Manderlime and Bandersnatch. Bandersnatch was my favorite so but after time I am really enjoying White Rabbit. I went from hating it to it being my favorite AiV juice so far. I don’t want to give away any secrets but I am pretty sure the flavor is carrot cake with vanilla frosting :). I will definitely be ordering a big bottle of it in the future.

  21. Madison (verified owner)

    I originally got White Rabbit in a Doubly Delectable sampler. I got a coconut sort of flavor, almost like a lightly sweet macaroon. I ordered a Petite bottle soon after and now I taste carrot cake (which would make sense, given the name). It’s very much like carrot cake with some spices, that isn’t overly sweet. Actually, it’s like carrot cake that’s almost NOT sweet, but with sweet cream cheese frosting on top.

    Taste is subjective, and really, everyone will probably taste something a little different with any juice. The bottom line is that this is an amazing juice. It isn’t too sweet, too spicy, too ANYthing. It’s just a fantastic juice that (in my opinion) can be vaped all day.

  22. Jiggy

    I’ve been working on my sample for a couple days….I’m getting pancakes with syrup.

  23. phil

    got my first order today, and i had to try this. can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t really enjoy anything but tobacco flavors, and this, i dunno. I love it!

  24. CHRISTOPHER (verified owner)

    so ….. i’ve been vaping this for a couple of days now …. and at first it was a coconut/chocolate flavor that i was getting. then it kinda switched to a maple sort of deal ….. and NOW ….. i am getting whiffs of indian spices. almost like a coconut curry, sooooooo …….. coriander? cardimum?? hmmmmmmm ….. LOVE THE WHITE RABBIT!

  25. Tom

    Really enjoyed this! Better than the Zombie Apocalypse IMO.
    I get a vanilla shake or cake batter taste with White Rabbit. No coconut taste for me. I vaped right out of the bottle. I’m not sure I buy into the steeping thing but I will refrain from it and see if it changes

  26. Clayton (verified owner)

    I dont know what everyone is raving about, IMO this tastes disgusting…. One of my least favorites out of all Alice’s juices. like artificial carrots mixed with fake caramel but worse than that, I got the little bit of everything sampler and the only two I will re order are zombie apocalypse and black and white cookie which are the two best non tobacco flavored I have ever vaped! Crunkberry and twas brilling ain’t bad either but ZA is far and away the best flavor ever made!

  27. Jessica

    Right out of the box, this had a nice coconut flavor to it, not too strong, but not too exciting either. A few weeks steeping, however, has changed this juice dramatically! Still full of coconut flavor, but it now has a lovely, rich caramel taste, with a hint of chocolate.. It reminds me exactly of Samoas! I am vaping my favorite Girl Scout cookie, and I couldn’t be happier!
    Thank you so much, AiV! ♥

  28. the grassninja (verified owner)

    This juice is absolutely delicious, yet so difficult to describe! It seems to taste different to everyone I’ve let try it, with the only constant being that they all love it. Thank you, morri and AiV, this rabbit is utterly fantastic.

  29. Fedrizzle

    Very enjoyable flavor and nice vape. A bit like coconut cremé pie. Definitely on my keep in stock list!

  30. spicywisdom

    I taste… Maple syrup!!!

    • spicywisdom

      …and whiskey and cream and coffee…

  31. Patrick

    Just wow.

    I get the toffee/butterscotch thing. Maybe a hint of coconut. And… well… something nutty, and… and… damn. What is that? Anise?

    Oh hell. I have no idea. All I know is that this stuff is really, really good. Like, the decadent, evil kind of good. I get why so many people rave about it, though trying to figure out what I’m tasting is, no doubt, eventually going to drive me mad as a hatter.

  32. jgn

    Just love this vape. To me, it has a nutty flavor, like pecans and brown sugar sauce on warm bread pudding.

  33. Brandon

    What’s funny about this flavor is everyone gets a different experience from it. Even myself before my 10ml bottle was done. I’ll be truthful, the first half a day, I did not like this flavor one bit. It could have been because I was imagining this flavor to taste like something else, kinda like when you go to take a drink of something and then realize its something else…for those few moments of uncertainty of what you just put into your mouth, no matter what it was, it tastes awful. After a while, this flavor grew on me and i ended up loving it! For half the bottle, I got a toffee/butterscotch flavor…for the second half I got more of a darker fruity taste…both were exceptional!

  34. Edgar (verified owner)

    Just pure awesomeness… had not idea I would love this so much. Ordered it because saw it pop-up many times on ECF… can’t stop vaping it now… They need to start selling it in 5L bottles…

  35. Mar

    sooooo good. coconut macaroon anyone? I can’t get enough

  36. Vickie

    Love, Love, Love this one!!!!! Sweet cream and coconut with a delicate tangy fruit. My giant bottle is disappearing fast! Time to order more!

  37. Joey Red

    “….and if you go chasing rabbits”
    Well let me start this story of woe from its inception….
    Due to the many rave reviews I have found regarding Alice in Vapeland I decided it is time to give it a try, and I did. My sampler included White Rabbit and I absolutely adore it! From the first pull I fell deeper & deeper into a chasm of sensory overload of which I did not want, nor need to escape. Now here comes the woe part: it was a sample size, it evaporated in my lungs & mouth within 2 days (I stretched it) and am unable to re-order because my misfortune is that I discover your ambrosia at the precise moment you are moving to the Southwest. As I write this on the 9th of November in the year of 2012, I am taking my last pulls of this bewitching brew! Please, safe trip & do hurry!!!

  38. CayCay

    I taste sweet coconut and a light creamy milk chocolate. I think there might be more to it. Sometimes I think I taste a hint of lemon or lime and other times I think I taste a dab of hazelnut. Whatever is in it works and blends so smoothly. I don’t like coconut but I have found a great friend in Alice’s white rabbit. Big bottle worthy.

  39. Jsn

    Mmmm I love this Rabbit :)
    Coconut, cream, vanilla and chocolate (?) like to keep the vapor in my mouth for a while, before inhaling…..

  40. abracadebra

    Hi white rabbit lovers yeah yeah!! yummy yummy…im a happy aussie down under..this rabbit is my fav alice..so hits the spot..smoooth creamy coconut hits..n those so cute bottles with charms…makes vaping so much fun…xx

  41. Adam

    Absolutely wonderful juice. So smooth; it’s a very nice morning vape as there’s not a ton of throat hit. Produces a good amount of vapor on my eGo twist at 4.0V. I LOVE the glass bottle and the little rabbit charm wired to it. That’s a very nice touch.

    • LisaL (verified owner)

      Totally agreed, I could not have said it better.

  42. kmh

    I’ve had this in my tank for the last few hours now and I am loving it. I definitely get coconut from this as the primary flavor as well as some sort of nut and another flavor that could very well be a chocolate. While it is sweet it is sweet in a subtle way, not a sickening sweet by any means. The throat hit and vapor are very nice at 3.7v to 4v at 2.4ohms

  43. ScottGChi

    I normally don’t like indescribable flavors that taste different to everyone. But I really do like this one. I definitely taste the sweet coconut. I’d probably describe it more like those 7 layer bars than an Almond Joy…a bit more complicated. Probably a flavor that will benefit from steeping for a few days, but tasty out of the box.

  44. InformationChef (verified owner)

    Haiku tribute to White Rabbit:
    Rabbit amongst Trees
    Flavors are mischievous
    Hide, my elusive love.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmA56YpUcho Alice, by Hatsune Miku.

  45. Charles W Hicks

    I got a “free sample” size bottle of this with my order and loved it. Wish i would of ordered a big bottle of it. Gonna do that…..NOW!

  46. Dominic

    Alice in Vapeland White Rabbit.

    A mysterious and maybe magical blend as curiously engaging and enigmatic as the White Rabbit himself.
    Perfectly named, White Rabbit is a sweet and captivating concoction that cleverly evokes the spirit and essence of the White Rabbit , for just as you think you are about to catch up with the flavour, it eludes you, scurrying off around the next twist of the rabbit hole.
    You find yourself chasing a riddle, thinking at any moment you will round a bend and the answer will be there, yet ultimately having to be content with just the occasional glimpse of a fluffy white tail.
    Enter the world of the White Rabbit and you enter a new dimension where nothing is quite what it seems.

  47. Vanessa

    At first I wasn’t sure what I was tasting here, notes of whiskey? Then something else? Coconuts and almonds were not detected by my palate. Who knows; this is some sneaky mysterious stuff my friends. The more I vaped, the more I liked. Definitely one that grows on you while driving your curiosity mad since you can put a finger what the flavors are. A definite winner and a must try.

  48. Danny T

    White rabbit is possibly one of the most unique flavors I’ve ever tried. It has a coconut flavor. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a coconut flavor anywhere. Makes me think of an almond joy. This one is just plain good. Thank you Morri @ ECF.

  49. scott g.

    what does it taste like?

    • Danny T

      Tastes like an almond joy. Awesome flavor.

      • Charles W Hicks

        Almond joy? LOL

        • Aaron

          I think it’s more like german chocolate cake. Its got a coconut and rich buttery flavor. I just ordered the big bottle.

          • April

            German Chocolate Cake is exactly what I taste. :)

  50. morri at ECF

    OMG it is beautiful and I am so happy!!!!! Yay, the rabbit is home. :)

    • morri at ECF

      It taste nothing like an almond joy to me, and nothing of whiskey LOL. Sometimes I taste a little white chocolate, though there is none in there. I am having a time decided or even FINDING the primary flavor. It is just really good.

      • Victoria

        I must commend you. You have inspired and conspired to create one of the most awesome ejuices available.


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