Little amber bottles.

So very many to choose from! Where will your heart and senses take you today?

What experience do you want to create?

Is it a place in your memory, or a place you would like to go? A coveted aroma or taste?

The fruits are quite strong flavors. I enjoy using them sparingly, at just a few percent. Too much and it does become a bit . . perfumey.

A natural lemon doesn’t do too well at high heat. Sometimes I have to add the tartness without lemon.

Banana is a lovely flavor. Often adding a delightful creaminess with a touch of saltiness to a mix.

I like to creep up with the fruits rather than taper them down. To find that sweet spot where the fruit just shines.

What fruit brings you joy? Is it a sublime strawberry? A sweet pineapple? A tart kiwi?

How a does peach plays with a dab of vanilla?

In my mixing cabinet, I have many many small amber bottles of essences to work and play with. Extracts of curious botanicals and otherwise.

From these small bottles, I can easily collect ideas, bringing down a bottle of a tea or an apple or a passionfruit.

It’s so fun to have a palette of flavors, in small amounts, just to experiment and play with.

If a recipe develops, it will go to the Mushroom Lab, where we can create bottles large and small, based on the recipe of percentages.

More often, most of the creations never see the glowing lights of the Mushroom Lab. They are two-headed despicable oddities that no one wishes to ever see again.

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