Greetings friends everywhere. This is a lot of boring musing and quite possibly useless information about mixing and such. There are a lot of good movies out. That’s probably a way more enjoyable undertaking than being here now. We love all of you and we just want the best for you. We have enjoyed our decade plus of serving you. By the way, you totally do NOT have to do a single damn thing that you don’t want to do. We’ll still be here for you because, ain’t that <3 !?

We’re undertaking a brutal challenge to see if we can make better flavors than ChatGPT 3.5. I have no idea if it is possible. In fact, to be very honest, it’s mildly stressful, to put it mildly.

A very technologically capable friend of ours said, “Haven’t you ever tried ChatGPT to see if it can make Juice recipes for you?” No. We hadn’t. Some of us hadn’t even ever heard of ChatGPT yet, to be honest. Yup.

Here is how the conversation went (after basic greetings and such):


Vaping naturally flavored e-juice is a desirable way to ingest nicotine. Think of an original organic delectable caping juice flavor and list the ingredients with amounts.


Creating an original organic and delectable vaping juice flavor involves personal preferences and experimentation. While I can provide you with a general idea of ingredients you might consider, it’s important to note that creating e-juice flavors requires proper knowledge, safety precautions, and adherence to regulations. Here’s an example of a flavor profile with its corresponding ingredients and amounts:

Flavor: Summer Bliss


Organic Watermelon Extract (4%)

Organic Strawberry Extract (3%)

Organic Pineapple Extract (2%)

Organic Coconut Milk Extract (1%)

Organic Mint Extract (0.5%)

Organic Cane Sugar Extract (0.5%)

Please note that the percentages listed here are hypothetical and should not be followed without proper knowledge and experience in e-juice formulation. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the safety and quality of the ingredients used and to adhere to any regulations or guidelines in your jurisdiction.

If you’re interested in creating your own vaping juice flavors, I highly recommend researching reputable resources, consulting with experts in the field, and following all safety guidelines and regulations.

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