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Thank you again for answering some questions for me and the Aliceandrians. I’ll ask a few questions now, and perhaps in the future, may ask you some questions on their behalf if that’s alright? I’ll start with a brief history. Jah and I started Alice over a decade ago, sort of by accident, really. Alice in Crepeland would possibly have worked and been more delicious. Jah’s a graphic designer and I’m a bio-engineer. Our friend Nick Hollomon actually was the first one I ever saw vaping. I’ll always give him credit for the inspiration. My experience in labs and Jah’s experience at Kinko’s allowed us to have a whole lotta fun, and suprising success. I had wanted to quit smoking, but, as a human that’s naturally suspicious of ingredients, of course I had to make my own liquids for vaping. We got kinda really into it, it was pretty fun, dreaming and talking and mixing and vaping. Jah eventually had to quit Kinkos to keep up and I kept working in the lab and double-timed work (working at the lab during the day, and nights at Alice). We met a whole lot of fantastic folks in the process, on the old ECF forums (short for I believe), and at the conferences, which were a blast. The first person to onboard with us is still with us today, as well as another who joined not long after. Likewise, some folks who have been supporting us from the start are still our dear and loyal Alice folk, who we continue to serve, as well as many more who came later and are equally dear as well. Some have written us to say that we saved their lives, by helping them to quit smoking. Some have passed sadly. Many have given us their support in words, letters, art, Tea and jokes to name a few of the ways. The letters and art decorate our space. And just about everyone we’ve met has been kind! I feel pretty damn lucky, honestly. Many folks have given us wonderful flavor ideas over the years, which have inspired many of the flavors we offer. For example, Morri had a concept for a White Rabbit flavor. Morri was so instrumental in helping us figure ourselves out, in the deliciously Rabbity talks on ECF. Wolandephiphinous, which is difficult to spell, and definitely spelled wrong here, is one of many of our dears from the old earlier times; One of many whose art or poetry or words continue to create the wonder of our Alice community’s website, fondly known by us as The Rabbit Hole or Unbirthday Party. Our White Knight has had brought to us Tea so many times… Of Morri, though, she said, of course there must be a White Rabbit! So, in that way, our White Rabbit flavor was born. Anyway, those are just a very very few of the many many Alicandrians of whose love we thrive upon. To bring us to date, and to preface our current questions for your wonderous intellect, there have been flavor requests from many of our dears. I believe the flavors are very important to the human who requested it or voted for it. There are some discussions about them on our Flavor Idea page and our Complaints page. I would like to make the flavors of the top 5 from the suggestions of the Aliceandrians, chosen based on voting, which ends on Sunday at at about Midnight, MST. I would like to challenge you to make the best flavors you can based on the top 5 suggestions and I will do the same. I will make the recipes you provide from the ingredients I have, to the best of my ability. Friend, I hope you do not mind if I detail our journey in doing so in our mix files. If you would like, would you mind introducing yourself to the Aliceandrians? Perhaps mention a bit about your early experiences, preferences, or anything you would like to share. Ja, mata (so, see you!) until our next conversation!

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  1. My order has been processing for 6 days. I am excited to get my new AWSOME flavors, but am running out of my current juice. I don’t want to get another and these show up. I just want my juice please.


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