The Mathom Drawer

Here you may find bits of string, mysterious loose keys, tiny springs, well-played-with toy army men, cassette mix-tapes, brown crayons, an old take-out menu or two, bits of broken teacups, and flavors that have been loved but not forgotten. Feel free to sift though the Mathom Drawer, you may just find a treasure or two!


15 thoughts on “The Mathom Drawer”

  1. I heard a rumor so divine,
    It crept up and tingled my spine.
    A vape so heavenly I could not deny,
    I needed to know it was not lie.
    I’ve been on a quest to vape brown gold,
    With morning aromas ever so bold.
    Many have tasted like they’ve fallen into lava,
    Yet I heard the tale of a Jabberwocky Java.
    Could it be my quest may come to an end?
    Will Alice in Vapeland ever have it again?

    Much love to you wonderful people!! Thanks so much for your personalization and kind words. It’s made the rough times so much easier here lately. Thank you all so much!! <3

    – Nysa (& Cyphon)

  2. You are by far the most wonderful company and group of fine people that I have ever encountered in my life. Six of my ever favorites almost disappeared and now I can still find them here. Please never, ever ever let them go away. You have no idea how much I appreciate you all. I must say though that I am in mini-panic mode as my bottles of Lavishsuckle Lemonade dwindle away!!! Maybe, maybe, maybe someday?



  3. I’m SQUEELING with happiness that I found my all time favorite Black and White cookie! I was panicking when I couldn’t find it!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for keeping it :)

  4. this website is awesome I knew there had to be hidden gems cause I bought the Creamsicle, last year, at my local vape shope called Ace’s and couldn’t find it on the other pages but I found it in a google search then I had to keep looking around low and behold there are 3 more pages of liquids hahaha you guys are awesome I just bought April Moon from my town’s shop and I am loving it its the 2nd flavor I have tried and I will definitely be placing an order on here very soon :::)

  5. I been stumbling around Vapeland for quite a few months now and surprise, surprise look what I have found……..The Mathom Drawer, I don’t know has this always been here and I just never noticed, how could that be? I
    have read so very many amazing comments about this “Black and White Cookie” how much everyone loved it but it was no where to be found and thought I would never get a chance to try it………I am so looking forward to trying a few different flavors. This place is totally amazing, every time I think Im going to place a simple order from Vapeland……………..I get lost down the rabbit hole. Its always fun and exciting finding something new here. Thanks AIV for having the very best of there for the rest of us!!!!!!

  6. If these were available in a sample size, life would be perfect for the indecisive vapelandians out here;)

  7. I can’t wait to order forgotten memories!!! And now I’m gonna try four square!!! Ahhhhhhh I love you ALIICCCEEEE!!

  8. You’re the best, it’s so perfect, thank you, I love this place! :)
    So happy that I can and I will have some Foursquare and Fogotten Memories again soon! :) :) :)
    You made my day
    Love to all the team

  9. :) …thank you thank you thank you… :) *my heart smiles my soul sings waiting and waiting hhmm??? for a surprise yet known theeeenn POOF ahhhh yeeeaah :) there we go!* patience is a beautiful thing if you just sshussh and listen inside

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