A Delectable Sampler


“My, what an interesting selection of Juices. I just can’t choose one. I’m so glad I made a sampler, so I can have lots of them.”

A way to try lots of things!
Please choose any 5 Juices.
Served in 3ml bottles at 3mg only.

No custom ratios, custom strengths, or extra flavor are available for these tiny bottles.



Please enjoy our samples Alice-style at our recommended flavor level and PG/VG ratio. Max VG also available.

No custom ratios, custom strengths, or extra flavor are available for these bottles.

Choices include:

~A Quiet Morning – green tea with passionfruit…
~Afternoon Tea – a cup of steamy English tea with milk and sugar :)
~Apple Pi – A a fresh and delicious slice of homemade apple pie!
~April Moon – a smooth evening vape with blueberries, apricots, and puffs of moon…
~Bananas Roswell – fresh bananas, brown sugar, dark rum, sweet cinnamon and a vanilla ice cream so out of this world!
~Benny – a big maple-pecan bear claw pastry!
~Berry Crunk – your favorite cereal, with extra berries!
~Bombana – an explosion of sweet & creamy banana milk!
~Buckle My Shoeberry – an all-natural blueberry buckled together with the finest Italian mascarpone. Saluti!
~Cherry Blossom Tea – clouds of fresh off-the-tree cherry in cherry blossom green tea…
~Cheshire Catnip – lightly frosty, with herbal-spiced cheshire clouds!
~Duchess de Leche – luscious cream and caramel!
~11th Rose – a musical medley of raspberry, rose and lychee…
~Fifteen Foot Falls – roasted marshmallows, coconut frosting, and a toasty tobacco!
~Forgotten Memories – sitting in Grandma’s kitchen sippin’ on cup grape juice.
~Frost Blossom – a mandarin-menthol delight :)
~Ginger by the Sea – a mist of spice to awaken your senses!
~Gloe – aloe and grape in perfect unison.
~Golden Afternoon – a crisp, warm cookie with golden rays of almond…
~Hello Cherry! – plump, ripe cherries on clouds of violet…
~Horchata – the perfect cinnamon and vanilla milk drink!
~Hot Waffle! – a toasty crisp waffle with maple syrup!
~Hunter – an inviting, ambrosial, all natural fruit punch!
~James – a peach treat with a touch of cream.
~King’s Chai Latte – a fresh steamed Chai Latte!
~Lavender Ever After – a deliciously creamy castle of Lavender gelato :)
~Lavishuckle Lemonade – with honey, lavender and lemons you’ll play!
~Lovebirds – a love affair of champagne and raspberries…
~Magick – a very enchanted vanilla.
~Mang-ri-la – a sweet bite of mango on yummy sticky rice!
~Mangoade – an irresistible blend of pink lemonade and mango.
~March Moon – peaches, raspberries and puffs of moon…
~Melon Soda – a fresh pop of melon that’s delicious and refreshing :)
~Muka Laka Hiki – pineapple deliciousness. mahalo!
~Pecan Pi – a delicious slice of homemade pecan pie.
~Peppermint’s Bark – yummy chocolate and peppermint candy!
~Radio Silence – fuzzy peach, and a bit of creamy static.
~Roseberry Lemonade – a touch of roses, sweet lemons, and strawberries red!
~Single Bedroom Apartment – a light and fluffy 700sqft of deliciousness!
~Snowfault – a mind-melting coconut cream pie!
~Sour Cherry – the perfect puckery tart cherry!
~Starmint – a pure clean mint for your vaping pleasure.
~Strawberry Crims – a parade of strawberries outside a fluffy castle.
~Stitch – a raspberry tartlet to fix your heart.
~Sultana – exotic fruits and wine, and delights of pear and honeycomb . .
~The Big Dipperdoodle – a giant snickerdoodle cookie!
~The Cough Drop – a big time menthol-ey fruit candy of comfort!
~The Story of Peach and Pear – enjoy the star-crossed magic!
~Third Road – a heavenly cup of ambrosial green tea to take you away!
~Tokala – the richness of night’s sweet and sultry solace…
~Tommy Mango – a sweet and salty mango treat!
~Twas Brillig – warm clouds of blackberry crumble wafting from the oven…
~Violet Grey – an old-fashioned violet candy!
~White Rabbit – a curiously indescribable delight…
~Zombie Apocalypse – an attack of strawberry cupcake!
~Zumo – a refreshingly delicious hibiscus fruit punch!

Happy Sampling!